Bài mẫu band 8 IELTS Writing Task 1 - Đề thi ngày 17-6-2017

ĐỀ BÀI: The line graph shows the number of people who used different communication services in the world.

Units: per 100 inhabitants

Band 8 Sample answer

The line graph gives data about the number of users of 5 different services of communication worldwide from 1998 to 2008.

Overall, cell phone and Internet services became more and more popular, and the others similarly experienced minimal growth over the years.

In 1998, the figures for cell phone and Internet users started at around 5 per 100 inhabitants. They both increased over the remaining years, with cell phone service gaining the higher position in 2008, at more than 60 users per 100 in habitants. This number was approximately three times as much as that of Internet service in the same year.

Meanwhile, throughout this 10-year period, little change was seen in the use of landline service, with about 15 users per 100 inhabitants. Also, mobile and fixed broadband had yet to be introduced by 2002. The figures for these two services rose slightly to roughly 5 users per 100 inhabitants in the last year.

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