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ielts writing sampleTopic:

It is better for college students to live in schools than live at home with their parents.

Do you agree or disagree?

Useful vocabulary:

  1. An independent life: Một cuộc sống đọc lập
  2. Make a living on their own: Tự kiếm sống
  3. Gain work experience: Lấy kinh nghiệm làm việc
  4. Pursue tertiary education: Theo học giáo dục đại học
  5. The sad disappearance of the country’s long-standing culture: Sự biến mất đáng buồn của văn hóa lâu đời của quốc gia

Band 8 Sample

There has been a question whether students should start an independent life in a dormitory on campus. Some people say it is better that way; however, my firm conviction is that it depends on the culture of the region where certain groups of students are living.

This practice is popular in Western-based societies, like the US or the UK. Independence from parents at young age is largely accepted and encouraged, especially when students reach 18 and are able to make a living on their own. The majority of them seek a temporary job near school to gain work experience, and others might spend time participating in youth clubs and activities on campus. This element, I think, is closely linked to their development and future success.

However, in many Asian countries, Vietnam for example, where traditional values of family bond have a significant role to play in youths’ lives and national ethos, I suspect that it would bring more harm than good.  It is, however, common for family members to live separately when they are pursuing tertiary education because most universities in Vietnam are located in major or municipal cities. Students from other provinces have to stay at dormitory or rent a room off campus in order not to disrupt their study. I would see this as a detrimental sign to family relationships because it would possible lead to the sad disappearance of the country’s long-standing culture.

Due to my aforementioned argument, I do not suppose living at schools away from family is always a better decision for a college student is a valid point.

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