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Scientists say that in the future humanity will speak the same language.

Do you think this is a positive or negative social development?

Useful vocabulary:

  1. A means of communication: Một phương tiện để giao tiếp
  2. The facilitation of international communication: Tạo điều kiện cho giao tiếp toàn cầu
  3. The bridge to harmony and understanding between different cultures and countries: Cầu nối đến sự hòa hợp và thấu hiểu giữa những nền văn hóa và quốc gia khác nhau
  4. Linguistic barriers: Rào cản ngôn ngữ
  5. A country’s core identity: Danh tính cốt lõi của một dân dộc (tạm dịch)
  6. Symbolize their origins and defining characters: Biểu trưng cho nguồn gốc và tính cách
  7. Heroism and patriotism: Chủ nghĩa anh hùng và lòng yêu nước
  8. Cultural diversity and historical values: Sự đa dạng văn hóa và giá trị lịch sử
  9. Religions, beliefs, and lifestyles: Tôn giáo, đức tin và lối sống

Band 8 Sample

There are thousands of languages being spoken in many regions around the globe. However, perhaps in a foreseeable future, only one common language will exist as a means of communication in the human world. In my opinion, this development, despite being the facilitation of international communication, is a detriment to our diversity as a species.

If we all spoke the same language, it would be the bridge to harmony and understanding between different cultures and countries. It would eliminate the key hurdle that keeps a group of people away from others because we all have a sense of familiarity in language. We can therefore comprehend more profoundly different cultures that used to be somewhat misinterpreted due to a linguistic barrier.

Nevertheless, if there were one common language, a part of a country’s core identity would be sacrificed. Language not only is the way people living in the same society communicate but also symbolizes their origins and defining characters. Vietnamese people, for example, have been known for their heroism and patriotism through words of their anthems. Or everyone thinks of France as a land of romance because French is a language of love.

Cultural diversity and historical values would also be put at stake as a consequence of this trend. Dialects in any part of a country carries unique stories and lessons of the past which are closely linked to religions, beliefs, and lifestyles. And a world that uses only one language would be the ground for the likely sad disappearance of those precious aspects of life.

In conclusion, I feel this global linguistic change is a major threat to human identity, culture and history although, to some point, it does help ease language barriers.

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