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;uyen thi ielts

Describe a sports person you admire

You should say:

  • Who is he/she.
  • What did he/she do.
  • What do you know about his/her life story.
  • How much do you know about sports.

Band 8 Sample:

Being a big fan of basketball, I have long idolised the legend of this sport – Michael Jordan, also known as MJ. I first got curious about his life when I saw a logo portraying him on a product of the brand, Nike, and his life turned out to be intriguing to me.

He played in the position of shooting guard in one of the most renowned teams, the Chicago Bulls, and was famous for his exceptional leaping ability, illustrated by performing slam dunks from the free throw line. Early in his NBA career, while playing for the University of North Carolina, he appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated with the heading “A star is born” just over a month into his professional career. It was not only his talent but also his dedication that made him a strong clutch performer. He spent hours studying films of his opponents to improve his defense. Even when his right knee was injured, Jordan did not miss any games in the season from 1986 to 2001. Throughout his career, he led the Chicago Bulls to six championships, was awarded the NBA Most Valuable Player five times and was the first player to be honoured with both the NBA’s Defensive Player of the year award and Most Valuable Player awards. All the compliments that journalists gave him were not an overstatement.

Although Michael Jordan retired in 2003, his skills and his legacy are still a great inspiration for any basketball player or person considering pursuing a basketball career. He is also active in charity activities. His clothing line, Jordan brand, has made donations to different organisations across America. It’s difficult to describe how amazing Michael Jordan is in words, just watch a few of his videos playing in NBA games or his interviews, you’ll figure it out yourself.

Vocabulary highlights:

  • Idolise: Admire, revere, or love greatly or excessively.
  • Renowned: Known or talked about by many people; famous.
  • A great inspiration: Someone that people aspire to be and are motivated by.

By ZIM Academic English School