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Describe something you enjoy doing with an old person in your family

You should say:

•   What it is

•   How often you do it

•   Who you do it with

•   Why you enjoy doing it with this person

Band 8 Sample:

Well, now I’m going to tell you something about an activity that I am particularly keen on doing with my 80-year-old grandmother, which is watching an Indian soap opera series on TV. Honestly, the series that we like best is “8-year-old bride” and it is broadcast every day on Today TV.

The first time my grandma and I knew about this TV series was about 4 months ago after seeing the 1st episode of it. As I still remember, on that day, we were both highly impressed by a character in the film called Anadhi and since then, we have never missed even a single episode. This series mainly tells the story of a girl named Anadhi, who had to live a miserable life since she was in a forced marriage at the age of 8. After that, she also encountered several difficulties and pains throughout her life.

As I mentioned, this series is shown every evening at 8 pm and I always try my best to arrange my work so that I can enjoy it with my beloved grandma. During the time we watch, she also tells a lot of things about the meaningful details in each episode, which I could hardly realise if watching alone. In fact, I have learned quite a lot of wonderful lessons from both this series and my grandmother and the most important lesson would be: “Getting married too early can be the most terrible mistake that one can make”.

Vocabulary highlights:

  • Live a miserable life: to have a very unhappy and uncomfortable life
  • A forced marriage: a marriage where the husband and wife are forced to get married
  • Encounter difficulties and pains: to experience difficulties

By ZIM Academic English School