15 IDIOMS cho chủ đề BUSINESS

15 idioms business zim.vn

1. a foot in the door: to manage to enter an organization, a field of business, etc. that could bring you success

E.g.:  I always wanted to work for that company but it took me two years to get a foot in the door.


2. cash cow: the part of a business that always makes a profit and that provides money for the rest of the business

E.g.: The new product became the company’s cash cow.


3. too many chiefs, not enough Indians: used to describe a situation in which there are too many people telling other people what to do, and not enough people to do the work

E.g.:  There are too many chiefs and not enough Indians in that company.


4. eager beaver: an enthusiastic person who works very hard

E.g.:  George is an eager beaver and is certain to succeed in business.


5. a slice of the pie: a share of something such as money, profits, etc.

E.g.:  The company made big profits and the workers want a slice of the pie.


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6. go belly up:to fail completely

E.g.:  Last year the business went belly up after sales continued to fall.


7. golden handshake: a large sum of money that is given to somebody when they leave their job, or to persuade them to leave their job

E.g.:  When Tom left the company he was given a golden handshake.


8. grease someone’s palm: to give somebody money in order to persuade them to do something dishonest

E.g.:  There are rumours that the company had to grease someone’s palms to get that contract.


9. hold the fort: to have the responsibility for something or care of somebody while other people are away or out

E.g.:  While the boss is out of the office, I’ll have to hold the fort.


10. keep head above water: to deal with a difficult situation, especially one in which you have financial problems, and just manage to survive

E.g.:  Business is bad. I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be able to keep our heads above water.

keep-head-above-water zim.vn

11. red tape: official rules that seem more complicated than necessary and prevent things from being done quickly

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E.g.:  You have to go through endless red tape to start up a business.


12. sell ice to Eskimos: to persuade people to go against their best interests or to accept something unnecessary or preposterous.

E.g.:  That salesman is such a smooth talker, he could sell ice to Eskimos.


13. sleeping partner: a person who has put money into a business company but who is not actually involved in running it

E.g.:  Tom found a sleeping partner to invest money in his business.


14. walking papers: the letter or notice dismissing somebody from a job

E.g.:  Helen was given her walking papers yesterday.


15. a dead duck: a plan, an event, etc. that has failed or is certain to fail and that is therefore not worth discussing

E.g.:  The project was a dead duck from the start due to a lack of funding.

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