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luyen thi ielts

Describe a situation where you have to be polite

You should say:

  • What it is
  • What did you do to be polite
  • Why did you have to be polite

And explain how you felt about it afterwards

Band 8 Sample

I would like to talk about a time when I saved a bus seat for a pregnant lady.

It was a rainy day around 3 years ago when I was still a freshman at university. On a bus trip from my dormitory to the city center to attend a music festival sponsored by Heneiken, I met a pregnant lady who got on the bus at one of the stations. At that time, the bus was already swarming with students, and many of them even had to stand as there were not enough seats for all.  In that stuffy atmosphere, the lady’s face suddenly turned pale and she had to hold on to the hand rail tightly. Sweat was rolling off her forehead.

Without hesitation, I stood up and asked her to take my seat. Then I quickly opened the glass window, trying to release the heat from inside the bus. After taking a deep breath, the lady seemed to feel better and started to have conversation with me. She told me that she was on the way to visit her aunt who was in the hospital. She knew that the bus was full but she couldn’t wait for the next one in order not to be late for the visiting hours. She also thanked me a lot for saving her the seat. Without a place to sit on the bus, she thought she would have fainted because of dizziness.

I think any person who witnessed that moment would also have the same reaction as me. For me, I did it simply because it was necessary, and my action just came from my instinct, without any hesitation. If the lady had stood for a long time, that would have affected not only her health but also her baby inside. Also, I always thought of my mom’s advice to pay close attention to things around me and provide support to people at the right time as it could be very meaningful. Therefore, at the end of that day, I was still thrilled because I had helped not only one, but two people. I mean the mom and her baby.

Vocabulary highlights

  • Dormitory: a building for college students to live in
  • A music festival: a community event oriented towards live performances of singing and instrument playing
  • Swarming with: to be full of something
  • Stuffy atmosphere: an unpleasantly warm atmosphere without enough fresh air

By ZIM Academic English School

Bonus IELTS Speaking Part 3:

1. Are Vietnamese people becoming politer?

Back a few decades ago I would say “yes”, but now it is different. In my observations, people seem to only care about themselves and do not often show their politeness toward others. I have been very surprised, you know, to realize that men are no longer courteous enough to pull out a chair for a woman in a restaurant; young people queuing at the cashier desk at the supermarket are no longer willing to save the turn for elderly people. So, it is the bitter truth.

2. In what ways do Vietnamese people show politeness?

Like I mentioned, it is hard to see polite behavior in public places nowadays.  However, in certain environments, the politeness is well preserved. For example, in school students usually save the elevator for their teachers or friends who are disabled. In the hospital, visitors have been more aware of their noise and try to walk and talk quietly when passing through the area where there are patients. These are behaviors that should be encouraged.

3. What are the uncivilized manners on public transportation?

There are numerous of them I have to say. Some may eat and drink on the bus regardless of the smell that may annoy other passengers, or on the train some may talk too loudly and bother those who need some rest.  So, to better improve the situation, I think regulations should be posted on these means of public transport so that people know how to behave appropriately.

4. What would you do when this happens?

Well, it may depend on who they are. To young people or those the same age as me, a friendly reminder with a smile may be effective to stop their irritating behavior in peace. But for other people who look rather aggressive, to be honest, being quiet and suffering can be the only way to prevent me from further troubles.

5. Should people show politeness to friends?

Why not? It is really insufficient to believe that politeness should be saved for and given to certain groups of people. Even to friends, politeness is welcomed as it is one of the factors that strengthen the friendship. Friends can then see each other as a good example and contribute together to the development of a civilized society.