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Many employers find that their new employees lack sufficient interpersional skills such as lack of ability to work with colleagues as a team.

What are the causes? Can you suggest some possible solutions?


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Đưa ra hai lý do giải thích tại sao nhân viên mới lại thiếu đi kỹ năng giao tiếp (ảnh hưởng từ công việc trước và giáo dục đại học không chú trọng vào kỹ năng mềm). Sau mỗi ý đưa ra nên có thêm ví dụ để giúp ý của mình rõ rang và cụ thể hơn.

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Đoạn thân bài thứ 2 đưa ra hai cách giải quyết cho vấn đề trên (công ty tạo điều kiện cho nhân viên tương tác với nhau và hệ thống giáo dục nên có thêm việc đào tạo kỹ năng mềm).

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Bài mẫu

Some employers nowadays are observing that their newly-hired staff lack fundamental interpersonal skills, such as teamwork. This problem results from a number of cause to which several solutions will be proposed in this essay.

First, the lack of interpersonal skills in new employees is attributable to the nature of their previous workplace. In many companies, employees are divided into departments and work in small separate spaces or cubicles, in which each member is assigned particular tasks unrelated to their colleagues. Opportunities to share experience or exchange work-related subjects therefore rarely arise and teamwork skills cannot be developed. A lack of proper training during time at university could be another cause. Tertiary education nowadays seems to place more emphasis on training students to excel in their major through theoretical subjects rather than equipping them with fundamental soft skills. Many fresh graduates as a result are unable to collaborate effectively with their co-workers once entering the workforce despite having extensive expertise.

There are some solutions that can be implemented by companies and universities to address the problem. For instance, companies need to alter the way in which their employees work in order to create more opportunities for colleague interaction. Instead of working individually, projects could be more teamwork-orientated. Also, the grading criteria currently applied at university need to be changed to incorporate more soft skill training. Apart from compulsory major-related subjects, students should also be engaged in workshops or subjects specializing in job-related skills. All of these subjects will count towards students’ overall GPA when they gradate to ensure they are well-equipped with appropriate workplace skills.

In conclusion, a lack of basic interpersonal skills in new employees stems from businesses’ workplace practices and the educational system, and there are a number of feasible solutions to tackle this issue.

Trích từ tạp chí IELTS Special Journal.

Từ vựng

newly-hired staff: nhân viên mới được nhận làm việc

be attributable to: được quy cho (nguyên nhân)

work in small separate spaces or cubicles: làm việc trong những không gian nhỏ hoặc những phòng bị ngăn cách

is assigned particular tasks: được giao những công việc nhất định

place more emphasis on: chú vào thứ gì đó hơn

entering the workforce: gia nhập lực lượng lao động

colleague interaction: sự tương tác giữa đồng nghiệp

extensive expertise: chuyên môn sâu rộng

count towards: được tính vào

projects could be more teamwork-orientated: những dự án có thể được định hướng làm việc theo nhóm

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