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Cycling is more environmentally friendly than other forms of transport.
Why is it not popular in many places?
And how to increase its popularity?

Useful vocabulary:

  1. The uncommon use of bicycles: Sự sử dụng không phổ biến của xe đạp
  2. To fail to benefit major city dwellers in particular: Không có lợi ích với những người sống ở thành phố lớn
  3. To eclipse the values of using bicycles to the environment: Che lấp những giá trị của việc sử dụng xe đạp đối với môi trường
  4. To be rather impractical to expect cycling: Khá là phi thực tế để hi vọng mọi người sẽ dùng xe đạp
  5. The use of this environmentally friendly vehicle: Việc sử dụng phương tiện thân thiện với môi trường
  6. Monthly green days: Những ngày vì môi trường hàng tháng
  7. Form a habit of cycling: Tạo thói quen dùng xe đạp

Band 8 Sample

Sample band 8.0

The unpopularity of using bicycle in numerous places has been brought into question although there is little doubt about its friendly effects on the environment compared to cars or airplanes. The reasons for this are varied and several feasible solutions would be proposed in the essay below.

There are two main underlying explanations for the uncommon use of bicycles. Firstly, it would consume a considerable amount of time to travel by this means of transport, which, according to many, justifies the price of potential environmental damage caused by other types of vehicles. This is because it fails to benefit dwellers of major cities in particular when their pace of working life would eclipse the values of using bicycles to the environment. Secondly, modern people are becoming less concerned about the negative impact that their daily use of cars and public transportation would inflict on their surroundings. Therefore, it is rather impractical to expect cycling in cities, or even the countryside.

The government play a vital role in encouraging the use of this environmentally friendly vehicle. They could conduct monthly green days that by law require citizens to cycle to work to get people involved in protecting their environment. In the long term, such an initiative would help to gradually form a habit of cycling among occupied individuals. More importantly, propagation via various means of media along with optional courses about the advantages of cycling to the environment at schools seem imperative to heighten social awareness of this matter.

In conclusion, cycling, regardless of its positive influences on the environment, has become a rare picture in the modern world for a number of reasons; and the government should take immediate actions to improve this situation.

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