Đề thi IELTS 2019 – Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking đề thi ngày 27/07 - Anh Ngữ ZIM

Part 1

Do you like dancing?

I don’t know much about dancing, to be honest. I think it is a challenging skill to master. Some of the dancers that I know told me that they have to practice at a young age, and one must have innate talent to be able to dance.

 Why do some people like dancing?

It depends. Some people are passionate about dancing. For example, one of my friends said that she can fully express herself while dancing. Others might spend a lot of time learning how to dance to socialize when they meet new people since having a talent usually leaves a good first impression.

 Do you like to watch other people dance?

Yes. Watching dancers naturally move their bodies to the beat and rhythm is always fascinating. Some of my favorite types of dancing are modern dance and hip-hop.

Từ vựng

  1. Socialize: làm quen , mở rộng quan hệ
  2. Challenging skill: kỹ năng đầy thử thách
  3. Innate talent: tài năng bẩm sinh
  4. Beat and rhythm: beat và nhịp điệu



When do people smile to each other?

There are hundreds of moments that can give somebody a smile, like when you receive a “thank you” from someone, watch a funny video, or to create a good impression. The last time I smiled was when I saw a random cat video on Facebook yesterday.

Do you smile when people take a photo of you?

Normally yes. I consider myself a photogenic person, so I’m not afraid to smile as bright as possible whenever a camera is pointed at me. I think the key to having a beautiful smile is confidence in your appearance no matter what.

Can you feel it when someone’s smile is fake?

Sometimes. I remember watching Mark Zuckerberg giving a speech and notice his ingenuine smile because his smile always ended abruptly. I guess that’s one way to identify a fake smile.

Từ vựng

  1. Photogenic: ăn ảnh.
  2. Ingenuine: không thật lòng.
  3. Abruptly: đột ngột.



Describe your ideal house

You should say:

  • Where this place is
  • What it is like
  • Who you visited the house with

and explain why it is ideal to you

Alright I am going to share with you my dream house.

Two years ago, during the winter break of my college sophomore year, I spent three weeks with my uncle’s family in Philadelphia. On New Year’s Eve, my uncle took me to a party hosted by Mr. Thompson, one of his friends who, according to my uncle, is ridiculously rich. And he was not joking.

Anyway, not until halfway through the trip did I realize I was far away from urban area and when I questioned my uncle, he replied: “yeah we’re going to Atlantic city, it’s a beach house”. But it was not a house. It was a mansion! The enormous construction, which had a stunning view over the Atlantic Ocean, looked like a palace on the outside.

Inside the house was just an architectural masterpiece. You see, all the decorations had a beach theme ranging from the blue shell-shaped toothbrush holder to the white sand carpet. Although there were four guest bedrooms on the ground floor, I chose to spend that night on the carpet.  On the second floor lied a massive balcony looking towards the beautiful sea where we welcomed the New Year together with a glass of champagne.

At that moment of luxury, I made a promise to myself: “this will be my house in the future.”

Từ vựng

  1. Mansion: dinh thự
  2. Palace: cung điện
  3. Architectural masterpiece: tuyệt tác kiến trúc
  4. Toothbrush holder: hộpđựng kem đánh răng
  5. balcony: ban công
  6. Moment of luxury: phút giây sang chảnh



What are the differences of living in the city and living in the countryside? 

In my opinion, both decisions come with several benefits. Life in the city is bustling and fast-paced. That’s why people in big cities always seem to be in a hurry. Meanwhile, living in the country gives you a sense of tranquility that you can never find in a city. Everything seems so peaceful and quiet, which makes people feel at ease and carefree most of the time.

What are the disadvantages of living in the city?

There are plenty. For example, people living in big cities like Hanoi have to suffer from air and noise pollution from traffic, a lack of living space and high crime rate, just to name a few. Also, the living expenses in the city are much more expensive than that of the countryside. I mean electricity and water bills can cost you millions of VND per month, especially in this boiling hot weather.

Can you compare cities in the past and present?

Yea I think there have been many changes over the last decades, ranging from the developments of traffic infrastructures to the constructions of many skyscrapers. For example, Hanoi has recently developed a modern skytrain system hat helps relieve a lot of pressure on the city’s main roads.

Từ vựng

  1. Relieve pressure on smt: giảm áp lực lên
  2. Fast-paced: nhịp sống nhanh
  3. In a hurry: vội vã
  4. Sense of tranquility: cảm giác yên bình
  5. Just to name a few: mới chỉ liệt kê 1 ít
  6. Skyscrapers: nhà cao tầng
  7. Skytrain system: hệ thống tàu trên cao

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