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An Khánh03/08/2022
Thầy cô anh chị giúp em xem qua bài writing task 2 này với ạ

Thầy cô anh chị giúp em xem bài này có bị kém task achievement hay có lỗi nghiêm trọng gì ko ạ, em nộp chấm chữa 1 bài xong thấy điểm đó kém quá nên viết lại nhưng không biết đã sửa được chưa :((

In their advertising, businesses nowadays usually emphasize that their products are new in some way.

Why is this? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

It is becoming increasingly common that these days, companies often highlight that their products are novel in some aspects in their advertisements. In my opinion, there are several leading causes of this trend as well as some consequences it can result in. 

There are numerous factors leading to the tendency of enterprises to put focus on advertising the novelties of their goods. Firstly, they usually do so in order to attract customers. As people tend to pay more attention to products that are new and unique, those advertisements would provide them with the information that they may find fascinating and eventually purchase them. Secondly, businesses often want the public to recognize them as the pioneers in their field through ads, which means that they can have a considerable advantage over others. As a result, this way of marketing may help them increase their sales and gain profit more quickly.

This trend can cause many consequences. One negative impact is that some advertisers often take advantage of this method to deceive their customers by marketing about the state-of-the-art features that their commodities do not contain. As a consequence, this may put a detrimental impact on buyers’ trust and they might boycott the brands, which can lead to a significant decrease in the product sales. Another drawback is that because of the increasing number of advertisements telling that their product is the best and the most innovative, customers tend to not believe in them anymore. Therefore, companies could only waste their money on those ineffective  promotions.

In conclusion, there are several contributing factors which lead to this trend that enterprises usually put more concentration on what is novel about their products, and some negative impacts for both buyers and sellers have been outlined. Its sources and consequences should be taken into account. People should have further consideration on this tendency. 

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