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Describe an impressive story you heard from other people

You should say:

  • What was this story.
  • When did you hear about it.
  • Who told you this story.
  • Why you were impressed by it.

Band 8 Sample:

I would like to share a funny story that I heard from Julie, a friend of mine, a long time ago. It was a random day that our group hung out at a coffee shop and sat at the circle table near the window, as we usually do. This was our favourite spot. But that day, instead of ordering a cappuccino as I usually do, I decided to try a completely new drink – mojito mixed with some fruit, though I can’t remember exactly what.

The mojito looked good on the outside but its taste was unbearable to me. Despite my warning, Julie insisted on trying it. It turned out that she liked the drink very much and in that moment, she concluded that it tasted exactly like the toothpaste that she ate in her childhood. Learning of this incident, we were a bit shocked as to why she ate such a thing, so she continued to elaborate on her story. She recalled that she indeed thought that the taste of toothpaste was delicious, and even she was banned from eating it by her parents, she secretly saved money to buy one for herself a few years later. She added that she sneakily hid the yube in the room and she could finish the whole thing in one go. We were frozen and all eyes were on her for a few seconds. Then we all burst into laughter. I still remember laughing so hard that my tears ran down.

I was indeed impressed by her story. As the matter of fact, it wasn’t the first time I had heard of someone enjoying eating toothpaste, but secretly saving money to do this was a surprise element and it was hilarious. And of course, it has become an inside joke between us since then.

Vocabulary highlights:

  • Elaborate on the story: Explain in greater detail.
  • Burst into laughter: A spontanious and sudden fit of laughter

By ZIM Academic English School