Idioms cho IELTS Speaking chủ đề Health và Relaxation

Tổng hợp các Idioms cho IELTS Speaking chủ đề Health và Relaxation
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idioms cho ielts speaking chu de health va relaxation

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(to be) back on your feet

Meaning: to have recovered after a period of illness, or to have recovered after being in a bad situation (e.g financial)

Example: I’m finally back on my feet this week after being so sick with the flu.

It took the company quite some time to get back on its feet after the financial crisis

(to be) firing on all cylinders

Meaning: to be functioning as best as possible

Example: I’m firing on all cylinders now after training every day for two months

He hasn’t really been firing on all cylinders lately, his work performance wasn’t very good last month.

(to be) as fit as a fiddle

Meaning: to be very fit and healthy

Example: My grandpa is almost 90 years old and he’s still as fit as a fiddle.

(to be) as fresh as a daisy

Meaning: to feel refreshed and energised

Example: I usually feel as fresh as a daisy after taking an afternoon nap.

(to be) as good as gold

Meaning: to describe someone or something that is feeling, acting, or functioning well

Example: I feel as good as gold after getting a massage yesterday.

Despite the forecast, the weather was as good as gold on our trip down south.

My cars about twenty years old, but it still works as good as gold.

(to be) homesick

Meaning: when you really long for, or miss your home after being away for a period of time

Example: I was feeling so homesick during the first two weeks of living here. But after two months I got used to it. Now I never want to go home!

(to be) on your last legs | on its last legs

Meaning: when someone or something is almost completely exhausted, broken or worn out

Example: My motorbikes pretty much on its last legs. I think I’ll need to buy a new one soon.

Thank god you brought me a coffee. I was really on my last legs before that, and I’ve got another 2 hours of work to do.

(to look | feel) like death warmed up

Meaning: when someone looks really unwell, because they are sick, tired, or exhausted

Example: Jenny looks like death warmed up today. She must have had a busy weekend partying.

(to) kick the bucket

Meaning: when someone dies (could be offensive), or something is completely broken

Example: When I kick the bucket I want to donate all my money to charity.

I have to use public transport to get around now since my motorbike kicked the bucket last week. 

(to be) off colour

Meaning: to be feeling or looking unwell, when your face is pale or white

Example: I was feeling a little off colour after lunch, so I took the rest of the day off.

(to be) as right as rain

Meaning: to describe someone or something that is feeling or functioning well (similar to as good as gold)

Example: I was quite sick yesterday, but after a good night’s sleep I’m feeling as right as rain.

(to be) as sick as a dog

Meaning: to be very sick

Example: I was as sick as a dog last week. Thank god my mother was there to look after me.

(to be|feel) under the weather

Meaning: to be feeling unwell

Example: I’m feeling a little under the weather today after such a busy week.

(to be|feel) worse for wear

Meaning: to feel worn out, exhausted or unwell. Also can be used to describe an object

Example: I’m really feeling a little worse for wear after partying all weekend.

My motorbikes looking a bit worse for wear after driving it through the forest all day

You are what you eat

Meaning: a phrase used to show the connection between your health and the food you eat

Example: I don’t eat pork. You are what you eat you know!

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