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Nguyễn Lương Cẩm Vân

Lately, the patterns of a family have greatly diversified. There are some changes both in terms of organization and task delegation. In my opinion, these developments are positive.

While it used to be common for members of an extended family to live together under one roof, nowadays many people tend to live in a nuclear family structure. As family size turns smaller, it reduces the chance of discord which is almost inevitable in multi-generation families due to different personalities and preferences. This is a welcome change because people would enjoy a greater sense of freedom and privacy. Besides, people who live in small family units can minimize their expenses and easily handle money-related issues. Therefore, they become more financially stable.

In terms of family roles, the most noteworthy change over the past decade is the growing financial contribution of women. In the past, it was commonplace for men to be the breadwinner in most households, and for women to stay at home to cook, clean, and raise the children. Nowadays, both parents can become the breadwinners, and in many cases, some fathers stay at home to help out with family and household duties while their partners are choosing to work instead of being housewives. This is a change worth celebrating, as women have the chance to pursue their own careers. Besides, their spouses become stay-at-home fathers to take care of children and house chores.  Therefore, men are likely to have a greater appreciation for the roles that wives and mothers play.

In conclusion, I believe these trends are advantageous even though family structure has changed, as well as family roles.

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Nguyễn Lương Cẩm Vân

In terms of business and clarity understanding, written communication is better than spoken words.First, regarding business organizations, written communication prevents waste of time and money. For instance, sending emails for promotions and sales to a large number of people would optimize more time and budget for companies than meeting and talking to every customer. Second, written communication provides a clear and comprehensive grasp of the message to be conveyed. Furthermore, there are lower chances that any information in the communication is missing or not being conveyed. As a result, recipients can read the messages many times until they fully understand the exact meaning that senders want to convey . 

However, when it comes to situations that require body language and facial expressions, spoken words are much more important than written ones. In classroom teaching, teachers’ body language can help to increase the effect of sound language.In fact, the use of body language in talking directly can not only arouse students’ interest in learning but also help teachers get feedback information by watching the student’s expression in their eyes, on their faces. Another thing is that dating is an excellent example of this. To be more specific, it is necessary to set up a face- to- face conversation, so we can have feelings more effectively than sitting at home and sending text messages.For example, a real smile while chatting together can build interaction and convey the feeling that cannot be expressed and replaced by icons, photos and videos.

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