Idioms dùng để miêu tả người trong IELTS Speaking.

Trong IELTS Speaking part 2, dạng câu hỏi “Describe People” là chủ đề xuất hiện thường xuyên được đề cập trong bài thi IELTS
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idioms dung de mieu ta nguoi trong ielts speaking

1000+ Useful Expression for IELTS Speaking tài liệu tổng hợp những cụm từ được sử dụng nhiều nhất trong phần thi IELTS Speaking (lưu ý những cụm từ này chỉ dùng được trong văn nói)

ZIM gửi tới bạn học tài liệu về chủ đề: Describe People.  Đây là những cụm từ, idioms ngắn gọn, thực tế, được ứng dụng nhiều trong bài thi IELTS. 

Nội dung được trích trong cuốn Idioms and Expressions for IELTS Speaking được biên soạn bởi thầy Sam 9.0 IELTS  từ Anh Ngữ ZIM 

Nội dung chính:

  • Tổng hợp các cụm từ được chia rõ ràng theo các chủ đề hay gặp trong IELTS.
  • Giải thích nghĩa và cách dùng.
  • Ví dụ cụ thể về việc sử dụng cụm từ trong một câu cụ thể.

Describe People 

1. (to be) above the law

Meaning: someone who is in a position where normal rules or laws do not apply to them

Example: Now that Tom’s a police officer, he thinks he is above the law. But he still must follow the rules like everyone else.

I though the new student would be in trouble for yelling at the teacher, but since he is related to the principle, I guess he’s above the law.

2. (to be) behind the times

Meaning: someone who has old-fashioned ideas and doesn’t keep up with modern ways of life.

Example: Andy still doesn’t have a smartphone. He’s really behind the times.

3. (to be) as bold as brass

Meaning: someone who acts boldly, is overly confident and does not care about the consequences of their actions or about what people will think or say.

Example: My best friend Thomas is as bold as brass sometimes, he just asks for whatever he wants and doesn’t care what other people will say.

 4. (to be) a dark horse

Meaning: used to describe someone who has a surprising skill or ability that people aren’t aware of.

Example: I had no idea Jim could play the guitar so well. He’s a bit of a dark horse sometimes. 

5. (to be) a daydreamer

Meaning: someone who often thinks about being somewhere else or doing something else rather than what they are doing in the present.

Example: I was such a daydreamer in school, I was so bored and couldn’t focus on my classes.

6. (to be) as hard as nails

Meaning: similar to a tough cookie. Someone who is mentally or physically tough, and may show little empathy or emotion.

Example: I think he’s such a successful businessman because he’s as hard as nails and doesn’t really care about the consequences of his decisions.

My father went through a lot of hardship growing up and as a consequence he’s now as hard as nails.

7.  (to be) a mover and a shaker

Meaning: someone who is quite active, has the power to make decisions, or is influential, in a particular field.

Example: My best friend is only 35 years old and is the CEO of a new software company, he’s going to be quite a mover and a shaker in the tech industry. 

8. (someone’s) name is mud

Meaning: someone who has a bad reputation and is disliked by many

Example: your name’s going to be mud if people find out about your criminal past 

9. (to be) the new kid on the block

Meaning: a new person in a workplace, school, or other group or organisation

Example: Because I was the new kid on the block, I had to make coffee for the boss ever morning at work.

10.   (to have) a one-track mind

Meaning: someone who only thinks about one thing or subject

Example: I can’t get Tim to do any homework after school, the kids got a one track mind. All he wants to do is play his new video game. 

11.   (to be) as quiet as a mouse

Meaning: someone who doesn’t speak very often, or speaks at low volume.

Example: Jenny’s as quiet as a mouse, she hardly says anything.

12.   (to be) straight-forward

Meaning: someone who is quite direct and honest

Example: Jim’s a real straight-forward kind of guy, which sometimes gets him into trouble. He tends to be very honest and just says what he is feeling. Some people don’t appreciate that kind of behaviour.

13.   (to be) a tough cookie

Meaning: a person who is very mentally, emotionally and/or physically strong and determined, and can endure a lot of hardship.

Example: My grandpa had to endure a lot of hardship during the war, he really is a tough cookie.

14.   (to be) wet behind the ears

Meaning: someone who lacks knowledge or experience in a particular situation.

Example: The new employee is pretty wet behind the ears, this is his first job so he doesn’t have any experience. 

15.   (to be) young blood

Meaning: someone who is new to a group or organization, with a lot of energy, enthusiasm and new ideas.

Example: This company needs some young blood. We need some new employees with fresh, exciting ideas to keep this business alive.

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