30+ đề IELTS Speaking Forecast Quý 1 năm 2018

Tài liệu dành cho các thí sinh chuẩn bị thi IELTS trong quý này hoặc những bạn muốn thử sức với đề Speaking sát với đề thi thật nhất
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30 de ielts speaking forecast quy 1 nam 2018


Do you usually make your friends laugh?

Are you the kind of person who makes people laugh?

Do you think it is important to laugh with friends?

Do you like to watch movies or TV shows that make people laugh?


Do you like running?

How often do you do running exercise?

Where do usually go for running?

Do you have long-distance running?

Do you like watching running race on TV? Why?

Pen and Pencil

Which do you prefer to use, pen, or pencils?

If someone gave you some pens or pencils, how would you feel?

When was the last time you bought some pens or pencils?

Do you usually use a pens or pencil for writing?



How often do you take a break when you are studying or working?

Do you prefer to have a long or short break?

Do you think having a break is important for you?


Is there good scenery in your hometown?

How would you try to live in a house with beautiful scenery?

Do you think people enjoy taking pictures of beautiful scenery? Why?

When you travel, do you like to live in hotels with scenic views?

Being alone

Do you like to spend time by yourself? why?

What do you usually do when you spend time by yourself?

Do you prefer spending time alone or with friends?

Is it bad to spend a lot of time alone?

Water Sports

What kind of water sports do you practice?

What water sports would you like to do in the future

Are water sports popular in Vietnam

Do you think water sports are dangerous to play?

Science class

Do you like science class?

Did you have a science class in primary school or high school?

Do you think science classes are important?

What kind of science did you do at school?


Do you usually use numbers?

Are you good at remembering phone numbers?

What is your favourite number?


Do you like art

Have you ever visited an art gallery?

Is there any artwork on the wall in your room?

Have you ever had art classes?


Do you like to eat sweeties?

Do you like sweeties compared with you were child?

Have you ever tried to make sweeties?

Why people like sweeties?


Do you like dessert?

Do you like eating cakes?

What desserts do people in your country like?

Have you ever make cakes?


Have you ever been to a historical museum?

Do you like history?

Have you ever watched history films?

Do you like history when you were young?

When was the last time you read about history?


Do you like going to parks?

What can you do if you go to a park?

Do you think people in China like going to parks?

Do you prefer natural parks or amusement parks?


IELTS Speaking part 2

Describe an exciting event that you have been through

  You should say:

  What it is

  Where it happened

  When it happened

Describe one of the family members you spend time with

  You should say:

  Who is he/she

  What do you usually do together

  What kind of person he/she is

  Why you spend the most time with he/she.

Describe a job that you would not like to do in the future.

You should say:

What it is

Where you know it from

Is it difficult or easy

And explain why you would not like to do it.

Describe a successful small company that you know

  You should say:

  What it is

  How you know about it

  How it become successful

  And explain how you felt about it

Describe a performance that you enjoyed

  You should say:

  What it was

  When it was held

  Where it was held

And explain why do you enjoyed it.

Describe an ideal house or apartment that you like

  You should say:

  What it is like

  Where it is

  When you want to live there

  And explain why it is ideal to you.

Describe something you bought that was difficult to use at first

  You should say:

  What it is

  Where you bought it

  Why it was difficult to use

        And how about now.

Describe a time of seeing interesting animals.

You should say:

what animal it was

when and where you saw it

how do you find it was interesting

and explain how you feel about this animal.

Describe an experience when someone apologized to you.

You should say:

when this happened

what happened

who apologized to you

and explain why they apologized to you.

Describe an article you read from internet ormagazines about healthy life.

You should say:

what the article was about

where you read it (which magazine or website)

and explain what you learned from the article

Describe a change that can improve your local area.

You should say:

what it is

how the change would work

what kinds of problems the change will solve

and describe how it would improve your local area.

Describe a person who is often in the news, and who you would like to meet.

You should say:

who this person is

how you know him/her

why he/she is often in the news

and explain why you would like to meet him/her.

Describe an occasion when you could not use your mobile phone.

You should say:

When it was

Where it was

Why you could not use your mobile phone

And how you felt about it.

Describe an occasion when weather prevented your activity.

You should say:

When it was

Why it prevented your activity

What you did

And how you felt about it.

Describe a time you went to a crowded place.

You should say:

Where you went

When you went

What you did there

And explain why you went there

Describe an important journey that was delayed

You should say:

When it was

Why it was important

How it was delayed

And how you felt about it

Describe a difficult challenge you met

You should say:What it was

When and where you met it 

And why you think it is a challenge.

Describe a piece of important news you got from a text message

You should say:

What it was.

When you got it.

Who you got it from.

And how you felt about it.


Describe a uniform you wear

You should say:

When you usually wear.

Who bought it for you.

What it is like.

And how you feel about it.

Describe a goal you tried your best to achieve.

You should say

What it was

How you achieved it

And why you tried your best to achieve it.

Describe a new skill you learned that you think is important.

You should say

What it is

Whether it is difficult or not

How you learned it

And why you think it is important

IELTS Speaking part 3

Does weather impact on people’s daily activities?

Why do people do different kinds of sports in different weather?

What kind of weather do Chinese people like?

Do people talk about the weather when they meet for the first time?

Do you think we should set up laws and regulations on the use of mobile phones?

How do you like children having mobile phones?

Are people politer than in the past?

In your opinion, at what age do you think is appropriate for owning a cell phone?

What kinds of celebrities that are always on the news?

Are stories about celebrities in the news always true?

Is news often about famous people? Why?

Could superstar bring positive influence to the public?

How does the way people receive news differ from 20 years ago?

What are the differences between news in the past and news now?

Do you think it’s necessary for people to watch foreign news? Why?

Why do people like to keep pets?

What kind of animals do people have in their home?

Why do some people refuse to eat animals?

Do you think people do not respect animals these days? What about 20 years ago?

Researchers are being conducted on animals, is this a good idea?

So many animals are extinct these days. What do you think about this? Why is it happening?

In what situations people need to make an apology?

What do you think of someone who doesn’t apology very often?

Could you tell if someone say apologize when they don’t mean it?

What kinds of people are more likely to say sorry?

Would you like to make an apology if you had made a mistakes? Why?

How could a company get ahead?

Dose high technology play an important role in a company’s development?

Why do some businesses become successful while others do not?

What qualities are required to become a company’s leader?

Which do you think is better, to start your own business or to work for others?

Do you think the ownership of the company should be private or state-owned? Why?

How do you think of charitable organizations?

What are the important factors in choosing a career?

Which do you prefer, physical work or mental work?

Which do you think is more important when doing a job, the income one gets or the amount interest that one has in the work?

When young people choose their jobs, which is more important, salary or interest?

Do you think it’s common to move to other cities because of jobs?

The technology will make some people lose their jobs, how to deal with it?

How do you think AI(artificial intelligence) would affect people’s work?

What are the benefits of younger and older generations living together?

How about the drawbacks?

Which do you prefer: support from family members or friends? Why?

How many generations your family have?

Is it important to visit family members? Why?

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