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In many cities, there is little control on the design and construction of new houses, so people can build houses in their own styles rather than building them with the same style as the old houses in the local area.

Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?


Bài mẫu

In many cities around the world, people have little influence in the design and construction of their houses. Many people believe it is better to allow people to freely choose the style and construction of their new homes rather than forcing everyone to follow the uniform style of the local area. In my opinion, a diversity in housing styles can bring many more benefits than drawbacks to an area.

To begin with, cities in Vietnam, such as Saigon, have very few, or even no, regulations on local housing styles, which means that residents in these areas are free to decide on the architecture for their home. The only disadvantage that may arise is the lack of uniformity of houses, which can be a unique feature in certain places. The houses in Hoi An, for instance, demonstrate a consistent style and therefore have made the city a popular tourist destination. If the house owners in this city change the style and break this uniformity, the number of tourists visiting the area is likely to decrease.

However, the advantages brought about by a diversity in housing styles are more worthy of consideration. Firstly, buildings reflecting a variety of architectural designs can make a city more attractive and appealing to people of different cultures. For example, the buildings in the centre of Ho Chi Minh City are designed in both European and Asian styles, which has eventually given the city a more cosmopolitan atmosphere, with residents coming from many different countries. Secondly, the freedom of choice in housing styles can allow local people to be more creative, as they can design their homes in a unique way.

In conclusion, though potentially making some areas less attractive by losing a part of their character, a diversity in architectural styles should be widely encouraged, as it can beautify a city and allow residents to be more creative.

Trích từ tạp chí IELTS Special Journal.

Từ vựng

The lack of uniformity: sự đồng điệu, sự giống nhau

Are free to decide: được tự do quyết định

Demonstrate a consistent style: thể hiện một phong cách đồng nhất, nhất quán

Break this uniformity: phá hủy sự đồng nhất

Are more worthy of consideration: đáng để cân nhắc hơn

Give the city a more cosmopolitan atmosphere: mang lại cho thành phố bầu không khí dễ thích nghi cho mọi người trên thế giới

Reflecting a variety of architectural designs: phản ánh sự đa dạng trong thiết kế kiến trúc

The freedom of choice in: sự tự do lựa chọn

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