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Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2 tham khảo kèm từ vựng theo chủ đề Describe a newly built public facility that influences your city.
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describe a newly built public facility that inuences your city bai mau ielts speaking

IELTS Speaking Part 2

Chủ đề: Describe a newly built public facility that influences your city.

  • Where the facility is

  • When it was built

  • What people can do there

  • and why influence the facility has.

Bài mẫu tham khảo

ZIM Education · ZIM | IELTS Speaking Sample – Describe A Newly Built Public Facility

So today I would like to talk about Thanh Ha water park, which is a recently constructed facility that is attracting many Hanoians’ attention.

The water park used to be my all-time favorite spot as a child. I mean who can resist the fun of playing with water? Therefore, last year I decided to visit Thanh Ha, a newly built water park located in the outskirt of Hanoi, to relive my childhood. The trip was fun and memorable.

The most exciting things in the park, to me, are definitely the water slides. The feeling of sliding down from 15 to 20 meters at high speed and getting soaking wet is appealing to a thrill seeker like me. If you are not into physically- demanding activities, you can always choose to relax by letting yourself flow aimlessly on the lazy river. The food at the water park, which is normally great, will taste even better after two hours of water exercising.

Water parks, in my opinion, are a great place for parents who have no idea where to take their children to in this boiling 38-degree-or-above summer. I mean, children can spend hours in the park without complaining and playing with water is quite safe. Also, this place is a necessary replacement for the old Ho Tay water park, which is really outdated and in desperate need of renovation.

Từ vựng theo chủ đề

  • All-time favourite: cực kỳ yêu thích

  • Relive my childhood: sống lại tuổi thơ

  • Soaking wet: ướt sũng

  • Thrill seeker: người ưa mạo hiểm

  • Outdated: xuống cấp

  • In desperate need of renovation: thực sự cần trùng tu

Các chủ đề tương tự

Những ý tưởng và từ vựng trong bài mẫu trên có thể được sử dụng để phát triển những chủ đề sau:

  • Describe a time you enjoy your free time: I decided to visit a newly built water park and had a good time there.

  • Describe a park you like visiting: I will talk about water park, the kind of park I love visiting as a kid.

IELTS Speaking Part 3

1. What measures should be taken to deal with damages on public facilities?

Gợi ý: tăng cường nhận thức (raise awareness), đưa ra hình phạt (give punishment) với những người không có ý thức, cung cấp tiền trùng tu, đưa ra những đạo luật mới).

There are quite a few solutions that could be applied. Some suggest that the government should impose stricter punishments on those who damage public facilities. For example, Singapore government has a fine of up to $1000 for littering or public urination. Others, however, believe that instead of punishments, the authorities should simply provide more financial support to help renovate and refurbish outdated facilities.

2. What facilities do young people and old people like in your country?

Gợi ý:

  • Người già: những nơi yên tĩnh (công viên, thư viện), những nơi chăm sóc sức khoẻ
    (hospital, nursing house).

  • Người trẻ: những nơi náo nhiệt (mall, stadium), những nơi có tính giải trí cao (cinema), những nơi phục vụ đi lại nhiều (road, airport, station).

I think the situation is similar in all nations, not just Vietnam. Old people prefer quiet places like parks or libraries, mostly because they hate noise and want to enjoy a sense of tranquility. Also, since old people are more vulnerable to both physical and mental issues, they tend to visit public places like hospitals more often. Meanwhile, young people love exciting and crowded places like malls or stadiums as they are more interested in having a good time or hanging out with friends.

3.  What’s the difference between facilities in the countryside and the ones in the city?

Gợi ý:

  • In the city: hiện đại hơn (đường xá, bệnh viện), nhiều hơn (những địa điểm nghỉ ngơi, giải trí), đắt hơn.

  • In the countryside: thiếu thốn hơn, kém hiện đại, rẻ hơn.

Public facilities in the city are, without a doubt, better. Let’s take the road system in Vietnam as an example. In big cites like Hanoi, roads are often wider and there are more expressways and arterials roads. In comparison, most of the streets in the countryside are narrow and bumpy because there are a lot of holes that can cause accident at any time.

Từ vựng

  • Impose strict punishment: đưa ra hình phạt nghiêm khắc

  • Fine: khoản phạt (tiền)

  • Sense of tranquility: cảm giác thanh bình

  • Be vulnerable to: dễ bị tổn thương trước (bệnh)

  • Expressways and arterials roads: đường cao tốc và đường huyết mạch

  • Bumpy: gồ ghề

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