Sample Answer IELTS Speaking Band 8 – Japan 1/2017

IELTS Speaking test in Japan – January 2017, bài mẫu kèm theo từ vựng theo chủ đề IELTS.
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sample answer ielts speaking band 8 japan 12017

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IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a piece of equipment that is essential for you in everyday use. Please say

– What is it?

– Why is it important to you?

– How often do you use it during the day?

I’m going to describe my fridge – the household appliance that is crucial in my daily life.

It is a lovely greyish Panasonic which has been used for, like, 10 years already. Although it has been fixed several times, I’m certain not many devices nowadays can last that long. Its capacity, I believe, is average, and its top freezer is still in good condition. It is the only appliance that is – or must be – powered all the time (just imagine how disastrous it would be leaving your fridge unplugged!)

In this constant rat race where people hardly have time for even buying food in the grocery store, the fridge is, obviously, the best friend of any family, and mine is no exception. Since all the members of my family are too occupied with work, my mom usually buy tons of food and store all of them in the fridge for later use. Sometimes I really feel my life is somehow attached to the fridge – you know, I see it opened every morning when my mom take out some eggs for breakfast; I see it closed every night before my disappointed, hungry-for-snack eyes. It is not an exaggeration to say that we can live without a dishwasher, a vacuum cleaner, or even a washing machine, yet our life would be catastrophic without having a fridge in the kitchen.

Từ vựng theo chủ đề

  1. capacity (n): sức chứa
  2. top freezer (n): ngăn trên tủ lạnh, dùng để làm đá lạnh
  3. rat race (idiom): cụm từ dùng để chỉ cuộc sống mưu sinh bon chen
  4. be occupied with (adj): be busy with
  5. exaggeration (n): phóng đại
  6. catastrophic (adj): thảm họa

IELTS Speaking Part 3

Who else in your family uses this equipment?

As I mentioned earlier, every member of my house uses it. Anyone who’s hungry would love to open it.

What other equipment do you have at home?

I have virtually every appliance that a common middle-class family has: a TV, a computer, a set of speakers, an air-conditioner in the living room; a washing machine and a microwave in the kitchen. All of them are not very pricey, though.

What is the future of machines or robots, in your opinion?

It will be very promising. In the next, like, 50 years, robots and machines will replace, or at least assist us in nearly every daily task, ranging from trivial ones such as cooking or washing clothes, to much greater ones like exploring the universe. Isn’t it great having a robot helping us brushing our teeth, right in our bed?

Describe the advantages of industrial robotic and automation systems.

Industrial robotic and automation systems offer distinct advantages. One thing is that it makes manufacturing process much faster. You know, machine-made goods can be produced at an exponential rate, and only with such speed can the quantity meet the demand of the consumers nowadays. Another thing is that machines are very accurate. Machines produce flawless goods, whereas humans usually make mistakes.

Do you think having robots in our houses would be beneficial?

Definitely. Domestic robots streamline our everyday tasks, making our life much more convenient. It would be great to have one running around your house, helping you turn off the lights, killing the bugs or even playing a role as a babysitter looking after your children. Moreover, with handicapped and elderly people, those robots are helping hands, helping them overcome difficulties they may encounter every day.

Do you think robots will take our jobs in the future?

I would say yes and no. blue-collar jobs will be taken over since robots will do almost all of those work. However, white-collar jobs will emerge; you know, there must be someone to push the buttons, or in order words, control those robots. I can totally see this trend coming, so it is extremely important for anyone who has been sticking to their labor work for a very long time to be equipped with knowledge about technology, or else it will become a matter of time before they are excluded from the workforce.

Từ vựng theo chủ đề

  1. virtually (adv): gần như, hầu như
  2. trivial (adj): bình thường, lặt vặt
  3. offer distinct advantages: đưa ra những lợi ích thấy rõ
  4. at an exponential rate: theo cấp số nhân
  5. flawless (adj): hoàn hảo, không có lỗi
  6. streamline (v): làm đơn giản hóa
  7. blue-collar (adj): lien quan đến lao động chân tay
  8. white-collar (adj): lien quan đến lao động trí óc
  9. be excluded from (adj): bị loại ra khỏi

By Anh Khoa – IELTS Intensive Expert 

ZIM IELTS Institute


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