IELTS Speaking Sample – Describe an important river/lake in your country

Describe an important river/lake in your country
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ielts speaking sample describe an important riverlake in your country

Describe an important river/lake in your country

You should say:

  1. What this river is called.

  2. How you know about it.

  3. How long/big it is.

  4. Why it is important.

Band 8 Sample

I am going to talk about the Mekong river, one of the biggest and most important rivers located in southwestern part of Vietnam. With a length of about 2,700 miles, the river is the 7th longest is Asia. Locally, it’s called “River of the Nine Dragons” because the small branches of the river are, since time immemorial, associated with the image of nine majestic dragons. Needless to say, the river is mentioned in a variety of poems and songs.

In terms of agriculture, the mighty river together with its surrounding delta has been known as the agricultural heart of southern Vietnam and the ‘rice bowl’ of the whole country. The Mekong is also Vietnam’s most important fishing region.

If you are a discerning tourist who really has ‘wearing a conical hat in a sampan boat in Vietnam’ on your bucket list, a trip to Mekong Delta is a must. It is carpeted in a dizzying variety of greens and is also a place where boats, houses and markets float upon the innumerable rivers, canals and streams that criss-cross the landscape like arteries. Embarking on a Mekong River cruise provides tourists with fascinating insight into the local rural way of life, including the opportunity to visit some of the region’s best-known sites, along with plenty of hidden gems.

Vocabulary highlights

  1. since time immemorial: for a very long time

  2. majestic: impressive

  3. agriculture: the cultivation and breeding of animals and plants

  4. mighty: very strong and powerful

  5. discerning: able to judge the good quality of something

  6. bucket list: a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime

  7. criss-cross: mark with intersecting lines

  8. gem: a person, place or thing that is especially good

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