Idioms chủ đề Travel và Weather và ứng dụng trong IELTS Speaking

Giới thiệu IELTS Speaking Vocabulary: Idioms chủ đề Travel và Weather, hướng dẫn cách sử dụng và đưa ra ví dụ về việc sử dụng trong bài thi
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idioms chu de travel va weather va ung dung trong ielts speaking

Idioms chiếm một vai trò quan trọng trong IELTS Speaking nói riêng và Tiếng Anh giao tiếp nói chung. Việc sử dụng Idioms trong câu nói có thể giúp người học thể hiện được vốn từ vựng đa dạng, cũng như có thể gây ấn tượng với người nói. Trong bài viết này, tác giả sẽ giới thiệu IELTS Speaking Vocabulary: Idioms chủ đề Travel và Weather, hướng dẫn cách sử dụng và đưa ra ví dụ về việc sử dụng những Idioms này trong bài thi Speaking, giúp người học hiểu rõ hơn về cách sử dụng.

Giới thiệu IELTS Speaking Vocabulary: Idioms chủ đề Travel

Dưới đây là một IELTS Speaking Vocabulary: Idioms chủ đề Travel mà người đọc có thể áp dụng trong bài thi IELTS Speaking cũng như trong giao tiếp hằng ngày: 

Hit the road 

ielts-speaking-vocabulary-idioms-chu-de-travel-va-weather-hit-the-roadHit the road

  • Định nghĩa: Khởi hành

  • Ví dụ: I decided to hit the road early tomorrow 

Set off

  • Định nghĩa: Bắt đầu chuyến đi 

  • Ví dụ: We’d better set off early to arrive on time

Drop by 

  • Định nghĩa: Tạt qua, ghé qua 

  • Ví dụ: If you are free this weeken, just drop by so we may watch some movies together

Come over

  • Định nghĩa: Tới nhà ai đó 

  • Ví dụ: John came over yesterday and then we went to a coffee shop. 

A trip to the sun

  • Định nghĩa: Một điều gì đó rất khó xảy ra 

  • Ví dụ: Even though I know that the dream of travelling around the world is just like a trip to the sun for me, I’ll try my best to make it come true. 

When in Rome, do as the Romans 

  • Định nghĩa: Cố gắng bắt chước một hành động/ tục lệ phổ biến nào đó để hoà nhập vào một nền văn hoá 

  • Ví dụ: When I first went to Canada to study, I tried to copy what the natives do because my teacher once told me that: “when in Rome, do as the Romans”.

Off the beaten track

  • Định nghĩa: Một nơi nào đó rất xa khu dân cư

  • Ví dụ: Son Doong cave is known as one of the stunning natural landscapes whose location is off the beaten track.  

Break the journey

  • Định nghĩa: Dừng lại ở đâu đó trong một chuyến đi dài

  • Ví dụ: Let’s break the journey to have some food and take a rest. We have been walking for 6 hours.

A mile a minute

  • Định nghĩa: Rất rất nhanh

  • Ví dụ: Tom runs a mile a minute. He must be an athlete.

At a good clip

  • Định nghĩa: Một tốc độ rất nhanh

  • Ví dụ: I can’t beleive it took us only 1 hour to drive to Vung Tau. We were at a good clip.

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Giới thiệu IELTS Speaking Vocabulary: Idioms chủ đề Weather

Dưới đây là một số Idioms thuộc chủ đề Weather mà người đọc có thể áp dụng trong bài thi IELTS Speaking cũng như trong giao tiếp hằng ngày: 

Beat the heat 

idioms-chu-de-travel-hotBeat the heat

  • Định nghĩa: Cố gắng tìm cách để được mát mẻ trong khi trời rất nóng 

  • Ví dụ: The summer in Ho Chi Minh City is terrible. I just decided to buy a new air conditioner to beat the heat. 

Run for cover

  • Định nghĩa: Tìm chỗ trú

  • Ví dụ: It rained hard yesterday and we had to ran for a cover while planting trees. 

Rain cats and dogs

  • Định nghĩa: Mưa như trút nước 

  • Ví dụ: The sky is full of black clouds. It’s going to rain cats and dogs. 

Save up for a rainy day

  • Định nghĩa: Để dành tiền để sử dụng khi cần thiết 

  • Ví dụ: You are wasting too much money on shopping. You should save up for a rainy day. 

Come rain or shine

  • Định nghĩa: Bất kể thời tiết nào/ Bất kể chuyện gì xảy ra 

  • Ví dụ: My family is the ones I love the most. They are always beside me, come rain or shine 

Hoặc: He plays badminton every morning, come rain or shine 

On cloud nine

  • Định nghĩa: cực kì hào hứng, vui vẻ 

  • Ví dụ: I was on cloud nine when I heard that he would visit me the next day. 

A rainbow chase

  • Định nghĩa: Một điều không thể xảy ra 

  • Ví dụ: Meeting Taylor Swift in real life is my dream even though I know it’s just a rainbow chase 

Every cloud has a silver lining

  • Định nghĩa: luôn có một điều tốt đẹp trong những tình huống xấu  

  • Ví dụ: My mother always told me: “every cloud has a silver lining”. That’s why I never give up even when I am in the toughest situation. 

A fair-weather friend

  • Định nghĩa: một người bạn không đáng tin cậy trong những lúc khó khăn 

  • Ví dụ: I really hope that Peter will help me when I have troubles. But he is actually a fair-weather friend. 

Ứng dụng 

Tác giả sẽ đưa ra một số câu trả lời mẫu cho một vài câu hỏi thuộc kĩ năng IELTS Speaking có sử dụng các Idioms thuộc chủ đề Travel và Weather mà người đọc vừa được học. 

IELTS Speaking Part 1

Do you like traveling? 

idioms-chu-de-travel-weather-holidayDo you like traveling?

Of course! Whenever I have some days off, I often go somewhere which is off the beaten track. It helps me recharge my batteries and escape from the daily routine. 

Whom do you often spend holiday with? 

It’s my best friend, Sam. She has been my friend since we were in primary school. We share many things in common and she is always there when I’m in need, come rain or shine. 

When you visit new places, what do you like to do? 

When I explore a new destination, I often search for some beautiful landscape to visit and take photos. Besides, “when in Rome, do as the Romans”, you know. It’s a good way for me to learn about the local culture and customs. 

Do you often travel abroad? 

I don’t. Actually I’ve never visited a foreign country. Simply because I don’t have money. I’ve always been dreaming of visiting Europe – one of the luxurious places in the world. But if I don’t work hard to earn money, it will be like a trip to the sun. 

In which seasons do you like travel? 

Of course in the summer when it doesn’t rain cats and dogs. Besides, I love traveling to some coastal cities in summer to beat the heat and enjoy seafood. That’s the best time of year to go on holiday. 

IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a memorable trip  

idioms-chu-de-travel-tripDescribe a memorable trip

You should say: 

  • When was it 

  • Where did you go

  • Whom you went with

And say why it is memorable 


I’m going to talk about the trip to Thien Duong cave – which is a very famous natural landscape in my hometown. I visited this place 3 years ago with my younger sister and we did have a memorable trip.

The cave is located in a remote and mountainous area of Quang Binh province, which is quite far away from the city center. We decided to set off very early in the morning, at about 5 a.m because the place is quite far from my house. It took us about 2 hours to arrive at the place but during the trip, we did break the journey to drink water and take some photos. When going inside the cave, my sister and I were so impressed by how the nature mother could create such a gorgeous masterpiece. The stalactites hanging from the roof of the cave were just like many big and small drops of water. The cave is very big and deep, it took us around 2 hours to explore every corner of that natural beauty.

After visiting the cave, we went to a restaurant to have lunch. We enjoyed many delicious local dishes but when we were going to pay for the meal, I realized that my wallet was lost. I panicked because all of my personal cards were inside the wallet. My sister paid for the lunch and we immediately came back to the cave to find my wallet but we couldn’t find it. We decided to go home and  when we were on the way, it suddenly rained cats and dogs and we had to run for cover because we didn’t bring raincoats. When we were in a coffee shop to wait for the rain to stop, I received a call from a strange person and he told me that he had my wallet and asked my address to give it back to me. Luckily his house was near the cafe where we were in so he was there just after 5 minutes. I got my wallet back and invited him a cup of coffee as a thank-you gift.

Every cloud has a silver lining. And I’ve learned a profound lesson thanks to that unforgettable experience, which is to be careful with my valuable stuff.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: 

Câu hỏi: How do most people in your country travel to work?

Well, I think most of them use their own motorbike to travel to work. It’s convenient and cost-saving. Besides, it is quite small and flexible so it allows them to travel at a good clip. But more and more people now have a car and they drive to work. It’s a good way to beat the heat and avoid the polluted air. 

Câu hỏi: Are there any connections between transportation and the environment?

Yes, there is and it is not a positive relationship, I suppose. Vehicles emit CO2 into the environment and it causes air pollution and global warming. However, reducing the number of emissions from transportation is just like a rainbow chase because human’s demands for transporting goods and travelling always increase day by day.

Câu hỏi: How could these problems be solved?

Well, I think the government should invest more money on upgrading the public transportation system and encourage people to use public transports like buses or the subway. Besides, car-manufacturing companies are producing more and more electric cars, which emit far less fumes into the atmosphere. I believe that sooner or later, come rain or shine, the environmental problems will be solved soon.

Tổng kết

Thông qua bài viết vừa rồi, tác giả đã giới thiệu IELTS Speaking Vocabulary: Idioms chủ đề Travel và Weather, cũng như đưa ra ví dụ về cách sử dụng và một số câu trả lời mẫu trong IELTS Speaking khi sử dụng các Idioms này. Tác giả hy vọng rằng bài viết này sẽ giúp người học cải thiện sự đa dạng trong vốn từ vựng của mình, cũng như giúp người học có nhiều cụm từ thú vị để thay thế cho những cụm từ gần gũi mà bản thân thường xuyên sử dụng. 

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