Sample Answer IELTS Speaking Test in India (2) – January 2017

IELTS Speaking test in India (2) – January 2017, bài mẫu kèm theo từ vựng theo chủ đề IELTS.
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sample answer ielts speaking test in india 2 january 2017

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IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a speech that you heard recently. Please say

– What was it about?

– Who gave that speech?

– Did you like it? Why?

I have to admit that I’m not really into speeches, since those tend to be quite long and dull. However, yesterday I came across this very interesting one delivered by Jack Ma – the founder of Alibaba, the richest man in the entire Asia, and one of the world’s success stories in businesses.

Jack’s speech centers around his own life, and how his businesses have thrived since 1994. Jack was born into a middle-class family which, of course, did not provide him with any financial base to start a business. Jack’s learning progress seemed to be quite rocky as well, since he took the Chinese entrance test 3 times and only passed it in the 4th time. However, Jack paved his own way through those obstacles, and with this great vision, he founded Alibaba, a form of e-commerce system that allows consumers to buy goods from small businesses. Such a trading system was extraordinary at that time, you know, since in 1994-1995 only great enterprises could reach consumers, and the Internet was virtually non-existent in China at that time.

I was really impressed by this statement in his talk: “opportunities always lie in the place where people complain. If you can solve people’s complaints, those complaints become opportunities.” His positive attitude really motivates me to work harder, stop making complaints and start seeking for opportunities from complaints of others.

Từ vựng theo chủ đề

  1. success story (n) bài học thành công
  2. center around (v) xoay quanh, tập trung vào vấn đề gì
  3. pave one’s way (for) (v) mở đường (nghĩa bóng) cho điều gì
  4. obstacle (n) chướng ngại
  5. e-commerce (n) thương mại điện tử
  6. enterprise (n) doanh nghiệp
  7. extraordinary (adj) phi thường
  8. non-existent (adj) không tồn tại

IELTS Speaking Part 3

What do you think about public speaking?

Public speaking is an important skill in our life. Possessing this skill sure helps you a lot in many aspects. I believe that if you wanna be great in a particular field, besides masteringevery bit of that field, you have to speak very well in front of the crowd as well. You know, those great people like Jack Ma or Mark Zuckerberg are pretty eloquent.

Is it important for a person to be able to speak publicly?

Yeah, just like what I said earlier, public speaking is a key to success. It’s completely OK for a normal staff not to know how to speak publicly, yet when he or she is promotedto a higher position, it is very important for him or her to be able to communicate effectively with his or her own staff.

Have you ever been to any conferences?

I’ve just graduated, you know, like only 1 year, so there are not many opportunities for me to attend conferences. Yet, one every year I attended the annual VUS TESOL Conference, which is about English Language Teaching. The conference is a great chance for teachers to exchange ideas and methodology in the field.

Do you think they are important? Why?

I would say yes. People invented conferences for a reason, you know. For businesses, a conference is an opportunity where people can summarise their sales, re-organise the company, and plan new strategies. This is also the time where employees meet, get together, talk to each other and strengthen their relationships.

Từ vựng IELTS theo chủ đề

  1. master (v) thành thạo
  2. eloquent (adj) có khả năng nói chuyện tốt, có tính hùng biện
  3. key to success (n) chìa khóa thành công
  4. be promoted to: được thăng tiến
  5. strengthen relationship: thắt chặt mối quan hệ

By Khoa Do – Anh Ngữ ZIM

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