Talk about life in the countryside | IELTS Speaking Part 2

Talk about life in the countryside là câu hỏi thường xuất hiện trong IELTS Speaking Part 2. Tìm hiểu trước các câu hỏi liên quan đến chủ đề này, cách lập dàn ý, và phân tích các bài mẫu có thể giúp thí sinh có được sự chuẩn bị và phần trình bày tốt hơn trong lúc thi.
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talk about life in the countryside ielts speaking part 2

Bài viết dưới đây giới thiệu về những câu hỏi thường gặp và cách trả lời trong Topic “Talk about life in the countryside”, đồng thời gợi ý các từ vựng cần thiết, từ vựng nâng cao cho chủ đề này.

Key takeaways

Câu hỏi và câu trả lời mẫu, cùng các từ vựng cơ bản và nâng cao cho các phần IELTS Speaking Part 1,2 và 3 chủ đề: Talk about life in the countryside.

Bài mẫu chủ đề Talk about life in the countryside - IELTS Speaking Part 1

Bài mẫu chủ đề Talk about life in the countryside - IELTS Speaking Part 1

Have you ever been to the countryside?

Yes, I have lived in the countryside before. When I was a child, my family lived in a small village that was surrounded by fields and farms. It was a very peaceful and quiet place to live, and I enjoyed being surrounded by nature. I remember spending a lot of time playing outdoors, climbing trees and exploring the countryside. It was a stark contrast to the busy city life that I am used to now, but I have fond memories of my time living in the countryside.

  • Surround (v): bao quanh

  • Explore (v): khám phá

  • A stark contrast (n): sự sự tương phản rõ rệt

Would you like to live in the countryside in the future? Why or why not?

I would definitely consider living in the countryside in the future. While I currently enjoy living in the city for its convenience and fast-paced lifestyle, I also appreciate the peace and tranquility that the countryside offers. The slower pace of life and close connection to nature is very appealing to me, and I think it would be a great place to raise a family or enjoy retirement.

  • Convenience (n): sự thuận tiện

  • Fast-paced (adj):  nhịp độ nhanh

  • Tranquility (n): sự yên bình

  • Retirement (n): sự nghỉ hưu

Do you think people who live in the countryside are more connected to nature than those who live in the city?

 In my opinion, I believe people who live in the countryside are generally more connected to nature than those who live in the city. This is because people in the countryside are surrounded by nature and have easier access to green spaces such as parks, forests, and fields. They may also be involved in activities such as farming, gardening or hiking which require them to spend more time outdoors and engage with nature. In contrast, people in the city are often surrounded by concrete and buildings, and may have less opportunity to interact with nature. However, it's worth noting that this can vary depending on a person's individual lifestyle and interests

  • Involved in : tham gia vào

  • Engage with : tương tác

  • In contrast : trái lại

  • Concrete (n): bê tông

  • Opportunity (n): cơ hội

Bài mẫu và từ vựng chủ đề Talk about life in the countryside - IELTS Speaking Part 2

Bài mẫu và từ vựng chủ đề Talk about life in the countryside - IELTS Speaking Part 2

Bài mẫu 1

It was two months ago when I had a trip to a remote village in Da Lat, which is close to my grandparents’ house. Talking about that trip still makes me feel nostalgic.

It was summer vacation, so I and my college friends didn’t have lessons, and we decided to go somewhere to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Besides, I can also visit my grandparents and hear them talking about their recent life.

We chose Da Lat as the destination because of its reputation as a poetic and tranquil city. It is also famous for fresh produce, therefore we visited a strawberry farm and harvested it by ourselves. After a 30-minute drive from the city centre, we got to the picturesque village. The locals are very friendly and hospitable. They also showed us the way to other beautiful landscapes. The highlight of the trip was the BBQ party at night. When we finished eating, we played board games until midnight. Then we lied on the grass, gazed at the stars, told stories and laughed all night.

That laid-back trip not only reduces our stress and worries but also makes us become closer to each other. This was the first time that I harvested fruit by myself and the first time I saw a sky full of twinkling stars. Another reason that I love it so much is the romantic and peaceful ambience of lying down in the scenery. We hope that we can embark on more trips to other countryside in the future.


  • Remote village: vùng xa xôi, hẻo lánh

  • Nostalgic (adj): hoài niệm

  • Hustle and bustle: sự ồn ào nhộn nhịp

  • Picturesque (adj): đẹp như tranh vẽ

  • Hospitable (adj): hiếu khách

  • Gaze at the stars: ngắm sao

  • Harvest fruit: thu hoạch trái cây

  • Peaceful ambience: không khí yên bình

  • Embark on: bắt đầu, dấn mình vào (công việc gì đó)

Bài mẫu 2

My hometown, a small village in rural Vietnam, holds a special place in my heart. Despite its remote location, it offers much to appreciate and nothing to complain about. The locals are friendly and welcoming to all visitors and go out of their way to lend a hand, particularly during significant events such as weddings and funerals.

One of the village's most impressive features is its stunning natural surroundings. Even though the lack of facilities can be challenging for some, the lush green mountains that encircle the village and the magnificent waterfall cascading into the river provide an awe-inspiring view. My hometown is renowned for its traditional rice and honey cake called "Banh Dap," which is a delicious snack.

My hometown has undergone significant changes in recent years due to the establishment of factories and new homes. However, the warmth and hospitality of the locals have not changed. Their courteous and warm-hearted demeanor remains, making the village feel at home. Although I left the village at the age of 18 to live in a bustling city, I plan to return soon and settle down in my hometown. It has always been and will continue to be a part of my soul.


  • Lend someone a helping hand: giúp đỡ ai đó

  • Lush (adj): tươi tốt

  • Magnificent (adj): tráng lệ

  • Awe-inspiring (adj): tuyệt vời

  • Hospitality (adj): hiếu khách

  • Courteous (adj): lịch sự

  • Settle down: ổn định, yên bề gia thất

Bài mẫu 3

Well, let me introduce you to my Vung Tau hometown, which is widely regarded as the most livable city in the southern region of Vietnam. Despite being a metropolitan area with over 500,000 dwellers, Vung Tau exudes a sense of tranquility that is ideal for those seeking to escape the chaos of larger cities. 

While in Vung Tau, you can spend your days swimming with friends or engaging in thrilling water sports, thanks to the city's stunning beaches and spectacular mountain ranges. Furthermore, modern amenities such as gyms, movie theaters, supermarkets, and convenience stores are all within walking distance. One of the best things about Vung Tau is its food. The city is famous for its seafood, which is fresh, delicious, and affordable. Especially Banh Khot which is a savory mini pancake made by mixing rice flour, cornstarch, turmeric powder, coconut milk, and water in small round molds over medium heat.

The city's French colonial architecture and heritage sites add to its charm and showcase its traditional identity. At night, when you walk around the city center, the historical buildings and fresh air might give you  an intriguing sense of nostalgia. Overall, Vung Tau is a beautiful and exciting city with a rich history and culture. Whether you're looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an adventure-packed trip, Vung Tau has something for everyone.


  • Metropolitan area (n): vùng đô thị

  • Tranquility (n): sự yên bình

  • Dweller (n): cư dân

  • Spectacular mountain ranges: những dãy núi hùng vĩ

  • Cornstarch (n): bột ngô

  • Within walking distance: rất gần, có thể đi bộ được

  • French colonial architecture: Kiến trúc thời Pháp thuộc

  • Sense of nostalgia: cảm giác hoài cổ

Câu trả lời mẫu chủ đề Talk about life in the countryside - IELTS Speaking Part 3

Câu trả lời mẫu chủ đề Talk about life in the countryside - IELTS Speaking Part 3

What are the advantages of living in the countryside?

I strongly believe that living in the countryside offers a multitude of advantages. Firstly, The natural environment in rural areas is often pristine and unspoiled, providing an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is less noise pollution, and the air quality is often better. This can have a positive impact on a person's overall well-being and mental health.

And speaking of the environment, living in the countryside means you're closer to nature, with all the benefits that come with it. You can go for long walks, take in the fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. In fact, many community events and activities are held in rural areas, providing opportunities for people to enjoy and relax.

  • Mental health (adj): sức khỏe tinh thần

  • Pristine (adj): nguyên sơ

  • Idyllic (adj): bình dị

  • Hustle and bustle : hối hả và nhộn nhịp

What are the disadvantages of living in the countryside?

Living in the countryside certainly has its advantages, but there are also some notable disadvantages to consider. One of the biggest challenges is the lack of amenities available. In rural areas, access to basic services such as educational facilities, medical facilities, and entertainment options can be limited, which can make everyday life more challenging.

In addition, natural hazard  and bad infrastructure can also be a concern in the countryside because of its difficult location.

  • Amenities (n): tiện nghi

  • Educational facilities (n): cơ sở/thiết bị giáo dục

  • Natural hazard (n): thiên tai

  • Technology infrastructure (n): cơ sở hạ tầng công nghệ

How can rural areas attract more young people and prevent depopulation?

In my opinion, to prevent depopulation and attract more young people to rural communities, there are several strategies that can be employed.

One effective approach is to invest in education and training programs that are tailored to the needs of rural areas. For example, offering courses in agriculture, forestry, and other industries that are prevalent in rural areas can help create a skilled workforce that is well-equipped to meet local needs. Additionally, offering apprenticeships or internships with local businesses can provide valuable experience and help young people develop a sense of connection to the community.

Another approach is to focus on quality of life factors that are important to young people, such as access to recreational activities and cultural events. Investing in parks, trails, and other outdoor amenities can help make rural areas more attractive to young people who enjoy outdoor activities, while sponsoring events such as music festivals or arts fairs can create a vibrant cultural scene that is appealing to a diverse range of people.

  • Depopulation (n): sụt giảm dân số

  • Tailor to : phù hợp với

  • Apprenticeships (n): học nghề

  • Vibrant (adj): sôi động

Tổng kết

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