Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Band 8 – Describe a shop that has opened in your hometown

Describe a shop that has opened in your hometown
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bai mau ielts speaking band 8 describe a shop that has opened in your hometown

Describe a shop that has opened in your hometown

You should say:
  1. What shop it is
  2. What it sells (or, what you usually buy there)
  3. When you first started going to this shop (or, how you came to know about this shop)
  4. And explain why you like (to go to) this shop

Band 8 Sample

Well, a shop that has just opened in my hometown I want to share with you is Tranquil café, which is one of the best book coffee shops in Hanoi.

This cafe is decorated in an old, traditional Hanoi style with loads of bookshelves and attracts many foreign tourists.

I still vividly remember the first time I went there 3 months ago, which was also the opening day. That was entirely coincidental. At that time, I came across an article about a new go–to place in Hanoi. As I was so curious about that café, I decided to visit and it caught my eye immediately. That space was so unique with gorgeous paintings and decoration. It really made me feel at home.

As for the reasons why I am fond of this place, I have to say thats because of its warm ambience, which I haven’t found in other cafes yet. You know, Hanoi is a busy and noisy city and I am so exhausted and irritated whenever I travel on the road. Therefore, I often go there as a hideaway to run away from the hustle and bustle. I find it extremely soothing with a cup of coffee and a small book. And an interesting thing is if I go there on Saturday nights, I can enjoy some soft music played by their staff. I am also pleased that the waiters tend to remember their customers and often give me a small discount. They really know how to retain their customers.

For all these reasons, I would say that I’ll still keep going back there in the long run.

Vocabulary highlights

  1. Vividly remember: remember something accurately
  2. coincidental: happening by chance, not planned
  3. go – to place: the best place to come
  4. caught one’s eye: attract one’s attention
  5. warm ambience: warm atmosphere
  6. a hideaway: a place you can go to hide or to be alone
  7. run away: escape from somebody/ a place
  8. the hustle and bustle: noisy activity of a lot of people in one place
  9. retain their clients: keep their customers
  10. in the long run: a long period in the future

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