Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1 – Đề thi ngày 9/9/2017

The plans show a school library 5 years ago and the same library now.
ZIM Academy
bai mau ielts writing task 1 de thi ngay 992017

Đề bài

map 9_9 zim.vn

Sample answer

The pictures illustrate how the layout of a school library changed over five years.

Overall, significant changes have been made in terms of the library’s interior space design, especially in the area to the South West of the library.

A recording studio has been constructed to replace the classroom area. While the meeting room remains in the same place after 5 years, the space for the borrowing and returning desk has been separated into 2 different rooms.

In the center of the library, more private tables have been set up for students to study at the moment than before. Additionally, there were 2 areas for book shelves to the North and South of the library 5 years ago; however, the one to the South as well as the desk for computers in the North East corner has been converted into desks for student’s laptops. Further down the south, it can be seen that the library office has been removed to make way for a new conference room.

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