Sample Answer IELTS Speaking test in Australia January

IELTS Speaking Band 8 Sample test in Australia được biên soạn bởi đội ngũ Anh Ngữ ZIM với dạng đề Describe a job that you would like to do in the future bao gồm Part 2 và Part 3.
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sample answer ielts speaking test in australia january

Part 2 Cue Card

Describe a job that you would like to do in the future.

Please say:

– What job is it?

– What are the basic requirements for such a job?

– Is it a high paying job?

Sample answer:

Since I was in grade 11, I’ve done a lot of research for my future profession. And I realized that I wanted to be a petroleum engineer. As far as I know, just like any other careers, to be a petroleum engineer requires me some requisite qualifications and experiences before we enter this money-making industry.

The first requirement is that I have to be good at Math and natural sciences. I’m required to have some basic knowledge about geology as well because I’ll be working with a lot of oils, gases and dirt under the ground. Furthermore, I need to learn hard during my college time to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering, which is known as the hardest course in school of engineering for its multidisciplinary subjects. Second, an internship is also sometimes required by the oil companies’ recruiters, so I think participating in one is very beneficial for me.

Because of the extreme conditions of the job that they have to work far away from home, in the oil fields located in the middle of the ocean, petroleum engineers earn the highest salary compared to the others’. They can make as much as $300,000 per year. Well, I deem it necessary to pay them such a fortune because every single day, they are exposed to toxics and harmful chemicals from underground. They also run a risk of death when unexpected accidents take place in the middle of the vast ocean.

Từ vựng theo chủ đề

  1. future profession (n) : nghề nghiệp trong tương lai
  2. requisite qualifications (n) : những tiêu chuẩn / bằng cấp cần thiết
  3. money-making industry (n): ngành công nghiệp “hái ra tiền”
  4. multidisciplinary subjects (n): những môn học liên quan tới nhiều lĩnh vực
  5. internship (n): thử việc / thực tập
  6. extreme conditions (n): những điều kiện khắc nghiệt
  7. I deem it necessary : tôi cho rằng nó cần thiết
  8. run a risk of death (v): chịu rủi ro về mạng sống

Part 3 Discussion

  1. Do you think you will get that job? Why?

Frankly speaking, I don’t think I will. Petroleum engineering is a highest-paying job so there are definitely many intense competitions among contestants. But I still hope that I will be qualified for it someday soon.

  1. Are people in your country paid well in all jobs?

I think the answer is no because every job has its own features. For instance, sedentary workers are often paid higher than laborers. Also, it’s a common rule that the more talented you are, the higher you get paid for your service, so I think saying that all people are paid well in all jobs is kind of inaccurate.

  1. Do people choose their jobs according to salaries?

I think this is partly correct. Although we need passion for our job; we have to love it; we have to enjoy what we’re doing, the salary plays a vital role in job satisfaction. A high salary helps us make ends meet. We’ll have a more stable income, which is essential when we consider accepting a job.

  1. Do employees need motivation at work? Why?

Well, of course. When the employees are motivated, they are more eager to work and have innovative ideas, which help to increase the company’s productivity. As they receive the encouragement from their employers, the employees will reach outside their limit, and thus benefit the system as a whole. And that’s just as much as what people can do with motivation at work.

  1. Would motivating employees benefit the company eventually?

As I said earlier, when employees find their motivation, they will work more wholeheartedly and create a friendly atmosphere among workers. Companies then receive nothing but tremendous benefits from them.

  1. What are the highest paid jobs in your country?

Well, I believe petroleum engineers have the highest salary. But due to the recent economic recession, the oil price has fallen dramatically. The industry seems to have passed its prime time, so I think that in the future, chemical and biomedical engineers will receive the best salaries from their companies.

  1. Why do you think so?

Because with the extension of life expectancy, people now care for their well-being more than in the past, and medical treatments have no longer been the alien things. And to meet the demand of high quality, those engineers will receive higher salary as a result.

Từ vựng theo chủ đề

  1. Frankly speaking (adv): thật lòng mà nói
  2. sedentary workers (n): những người làm việc tĩnh tại, người ngồi văn phòng
  3. make ends meet(v): kiếm đủ sống
  4. innovative ideas (n): những ý tưởng sáng tạo
  5. productivity (n): hiệu suất công việc
  6. wholeheartedly (adv): tận tụy
  7. economic recession (n): suy thoái kinh tế
  8. prime time (n): thời kì hưng thịnh
  9. life expectancy (n): tuổi thọ
  10. alien things (n): những điều xa lạ

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