Giài mẫu IELTS Speaking cho chủ đề Describe an intelligent person

Describe an intelligent person Who the person is; What he or she does. Why you think he or she is intelligent and explain how you feel about him or her
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giai mau ielts speaking cho chu de describe an intelligent person

Chủ đề Describe an intelligent person là một chủ đề nhỏ trong chủ đề Describe a person trong bài thi IELTS Speaking. Bài viết dưới đây sẽ cung cấp câu trả lời mẫu và từ vựng cho chủ để này ở part 2 và 3

IELTS Speaking Part 2

Đề bài

Describe an intelligent person

  • Who the person is
  • What he or she does
  • Why you think he or she is intelligent and explain how you feel about him or her

Bài mẫu tham khảo

Today, I’ll take this chance to talk about Hoang, one of the smartest friends that I have ever had. Back in high school, we used to hang out a lot untl he went abroad for further education.

Hoang was my classmate at high school and we got on quite well with each other as we shared a big interest – music. However, when it came to studying, everything turned out to be absolutely different. While I was doing really badly at Physics, he was considered as the smartest student in this subject at my school. He always stood first in all of the exams and no other students could come close to him. Every time the teacher asked us to solve a Physics question, it never took him more than 3 minutes to do the task. As he was quick on the uptake and understood the subject so well, Hoang was always in the teachers’ good books.

Not only did he perform well in Physics but he also did brilliantly at other science subjects because of his intellectual ability. He was also a great companion during my high school time. Thanks to his helpful guidance, I finally managed to get better grades in Physics as well.

That is all I want to share.

Từ vựng theo chủ đề

  • Further educaton (n): đại học
  • Get on well with (ph.v): có mối quan hệ tốt với
  • Stand first: đứng đầu, dẫn đầu
  • Come close to: (sánh) bằng với
  • Quick on the uptake: hiểu nhanh
  • Be in one’s good books: làm ai hài lòng
  • Intellectual ability: năng lực trí tuệ
  • A great companion: một người bạn đồng hành tuyệt vời

Các chủ đề tương tự

Các ý tưởng và từ vựng trong bài mẫu trên có thể được sử dụng để phát triển câu trả lời cho các chủ đề sau:

  • Describe someone you would like to study or work with: My best friend is really brilliant and helpful, so I always count on him to help me with my study.
  • Describe a person who encouraged you to achieve a goal: Thanks to my best friend’s help and encouragement, I always passed my Physics final exams with fairly good grades.
  • Describe a subject you used to dislike but now have interest in: I used to hate Physics but now I love it thanks to Hoang.

IELTS Speaking Part 3

Câu trả lời tham khảo

1. What could parents do to help their children to become smarter?

Gợi ý: Khuyến khích (encourage) trẻ em đọc nhiều sách, cho nghe nhạc không lời (instrumental music) mỗi tối, nuôi con bằng sữa mẹ, …

Well I’m not quite sure, but scientifically speaking, if children are breasted
during their first years, it is very likely that they will grow up more intelligent than those drinking powdered milk. We all know a mother’s milk is highly nutritious for infants, so I guess this is a wise choice.

2. What kind of job do you think requires workers to be very intelligent?

Gợi ý: Bác sĩ hoặc giáo viên vì phải có nhiều kiến thức (knowledgeable), trí nhớ tốt, học giỏi.

Personally, I would say being a doctor requires people to be incredibly intelligent. You know, I really admire those who have studied tons of medical theories and know precisely how to deal with a variety of their patents’ ailments. Intelligence
and prodigious memory are highly necessary for this occupation.

3.6 Do you think artificial intelligence will take over humans in the future?

Gợi ý: Có vì robot ngày càng trở nên thông minh hơn (increasingly intelligent) giống như trong các bộ phim science fiction. Không vì loài người (human beings) thông minh hơn những gì họ sáng chế ra (inventions).

No I don’t think so. As we can see in sci-fi movies, there will be a day when AI gain control over our civilization. I mean, basically, we can predict such an undesirable prospect so we can totally prevent it from happening. I guess scientists are smart enough not to be controlled by what they have devised.

4. Does technology make our life become better or worse?

Gợi ý: Tốt hơn bởi vì giúp con người sống thoải mái hơn với máy lạnh, tủ lạnh hoặc thay thế con người ở các môi trường làm việc nguy hiểm (hazardous working environment). Xấu hơn bởi vì con người bị lệ thuộc vào công nghệ và trở lên lười biếng (lead a sedentary lifestyle).

Well, there’re two sides to every coin. I think cuc edge technology provides human beings with better living standards like modern air-conditioners or eco- friendly solar vehicles. Yet, we are also suffering its negative effects, such as our addictions to social media and over-reliance on smartphones.

5. Is it easy to teach old people to learn how to use modern technology?

Gợi ý: Công nghệ hiện đại (are not used to + Ving). For example, my grandmother…

Not quite. Most of the elderly face memory loss due to aging and they may become absent-minded and hardly remember any of the teaching. Also, teaching them to use modern technological devices is hard because they can be seen as
inaccessible. You know, there weren’t any such things back in their time.

Từ vựng theo chủ đề

  1. Breastfeed – Breasted – Breasted (v): nuôi con bằng sữa mẹ
  2. Highly nutritious: rất giàu dinh dưỡng
  3. Prodigious memory: trí nhớ phi thường
  4. Undesirable prospect: viễn cảnh không mong đợi
  5. Be smart enough not to + be: đủ thông minh để không bị…
  6. There are two sides to every coin (idiom): mọi thứ đều có hai mặt
  7. Cutng edge technology: công nghệ hiện đại
  8. Aging (n): sự lão hóa
  9. Absent-minded (adj): đãng trí

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