IELTS Speaking Sample – Describe a special day out

Describe a special day out (A day out which does not cost too much)
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ielts speaking sample describe a special day out

Describe a special day out (A day out which does not cost too much)

You should say:

  1. Where did you go on that day.

  2. What did you do.

  3. Who did you go out with.

  4. Why was it special to you.

Band 8 Sample

I went to the park with my friend the other day. She was my good friend in high school and we haven’t seen each other for almost a year. As we were both having our semester break, we wanted to meet and catch up over dinner.

We actually planned to meet each other at the park and then decide on where to go later, but my friend got there pretty late so we ended up staying there. We got two takeout milk tea glasses and kebabs from a small street vendor and found a comfortable corner to enjoy ourselves. We sat there watching people passing by, talking about random things that came up. The weather that day was pretty nice actually. It was raining in the evening all week, so we were worried that we might have to go home early. But it turned out to be a fine evening.

I guess what makes the day special was the fact that, despite having to wait for my friend to show up and then not going anywhere like we originally planned to, we still had a lot more fun than I had expected. We updated each other on what was going on in our lives and discussed our plans for the future. It was a nice feeling to know even though we couldn’t meet and talk frequently, we could still bond easily over milk tea and kebabs. It made me realize that sometimes we only need good company and good conversations to make something memorable.

Vocabulary highlights

  1. Turn out to be: The way an event or expectation happens in reality.

  2. Update: Catch up with past events.

  3. Bond: A connection between two or more people or things.

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