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The table below shows the percentage of the population by age groups in one town who rode bicycles in 2011.
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de thi ielts writing 1 2 2018

IELTS Writing Task 1

The table below shows the percentage of the population by age groups in one town who rode bicycles in 2011.

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The table compares the proportions of people who rode a bike, by age and gender, in 2011.

In general, children under nine years old used bicycles the most, while middle-aged people were the least likely to ride a bicycle. Also, men tended to cycle more than women during the period shown.

Among males, children under 9 years old made up the largest proportion of cyclists, at 52%. However, with the older groups, the rates fell to 42% for teenagers aged from 10 to 17, and 17% for people aged between 18 and 39. The proportion of 40 to 50 year old male cyclists was the lowest, at just 12%, while this activity was a little more common among men aged over 60, with nearly a fifth riding a bicycle.

The percentage of girls who cycled younger than 9 years old was nearly the same as that of boys, at over a half. However, the figure for girls aged 10 to 17 was just under a quarter, much lower than that of their counterparts. Similar to men of the same age groups, women aged 40 to 50, and 60 or over, did not prefer cycling very much, making up only 8% and 14% of total female participants respectively.

IELTS Writing Task 2

Scientific research should be carried out and controlled by the governments rather than private companies. Do you agree or disagree?


Scientific research plays an important role in human’s development. Some people think that the responsibility for conducting and managing it should be taken by governments, and not by private companies. Personally, I believe that both governments and businesses should have the right and duty to do research.

Governments have to take the leading role in doing research because of a few reasons. Firstly, scientific research is the key to finding solutions to the pressing concerns of society. Thorough medical research, for example, needs to be conducted by governments to develop vaccines against potential epidemics. Research into renewable energies is also crucial to try to deal with global warming. These kinds of extensive research require the participation of hundreds or even thousands of researchers and the application of advanced technology, which can only funded and monitored by the government. In addition, scientific studies controlled by the authorities will ensure reliable and ethical methods, and minimize the risk of these studies being used for criminal activities. Studies related to nuclear power or weapons, for example, must be carried out or supervised by governmental organizations to prevent high-tech crimes and to protect the country’s security.

However, scientific research should not only be conducted by governments. Private companies can do research which is not carried out by governments, and in fact, many useful scientific discoveries have been made by private institutions. For example, the invention of the iphone by Apple, a corporation in the US that has opened the era of smartphones and facilitated interaction among people all over the world. Furthermore, encouraging profit-driven companies to conduct scientific investigations will help them develop their own products and create competition in the market. Society, therefore, will benefit from new inventions and lower priced products.

In conclusion, although governments should control and carry out major scientific studies, private companies should not be deprived of the right to do research.

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