Đề thi IELTS Writing 20-1-2018

The bar shows the percentage of people going to cinemas in one European country in different days.
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de thi ielts writing 20 1 2018

IELTS Writing Task 1

The bar shows the percentage of people going to cinemas in one European country in different days.

The chart illustrates the proportion of people who visited a cinema on different days of the week, in a European country, in three separate years (2003, 2005 and 2007).

It can be seen that there were not considerable changes in people’s preference on which day to go to the cinema over the period. People in this country tended to go to the cinema on weekends rather than on working days.

In 2003, 40% of people from this country went to the movies on a Saturday, compared to the 30% who chose Friday or Sunday. On the other days, the proportion of movie-goers was higher on Tuesday, at 20%, while the lowest figure can be seen on Mondays, at only 10%.

Over the next four years, the percentage of people going to the cinema on weekends increased slightly, by about 5%, to 45% for Saturday and 35% for Sunday. Similarly, Thursday and Monday became more popular among cinema-goers, with about 2% more people choosing these days. However, fewer people went to see movies on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the figures falling to 19% and 9% respectively. Finally, there was stability, at 30%, in the proportion of movie-goers choosing to go to the cinema on a Friday.

IELTS Writing Task 2

Research shows that business meetings, discussions and training are happening online nowadays. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?


Holding business meetings and training via the internet has gained enormous popularity in recent years. Although the drawbacks of this are varied, the benefits, in my opinion, should be paid more attention to.

On the one hand, conducting meetings and training sessions online may have some major disadvantages. The first one is technical limitations that participants may have, which reduces the effectiveness of discussions or meetings. For example, the elderly may find it hard to understand and make use of latest programs and software, or some participants can lose track of the progress of the meeting due to the slow internet connection or platform errors. The second disadvantage is the lack of personal interaction which is often considered the key to a successful meeting or training session. While attendants can easily be distracted by interesting, yet non-productive online activities, the physical presence of the hosts or trainers will make them more engaged and active in the meeting.

However, I am convinced that the advantages of virtual meetings are more significant. Initially, compared to traditional face-to-face meetings, those held virtually are much less time and money consuming. In the past, attendants had to make long trips just to meet with other employees from another branch, but with online meetings, every team member can join the conference from any place, without the need to travel to the meeting location. Another advantage is that members who join online meetings and training can share and organise files and presentations easily and conveniently. The files can also be edited or revised by other members, facilitating collaboration within the whole team.

In conclusion, it seems to me that the merits of virtual meetings and trainings are more significant than the downsides.

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