Sample Answer IELTS Speaking – Topic Accommodation

Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Topic Accommodation - Describe an interesting house or apartment you visited.
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sample answer ielts speaking topic accommodation

Bài mẫu dưới đây được biên soạn bởi Anh Ngữ ZIM. Các website, blog khi copy vui lòng trích nguồn.

Describe an interesting house or apartment you visited.

You should say:

  • where this place is

  • what it is like

  • why you consider it interesting

  • and whether you would like to live in it


Well, I think today I’m going to talk about my friend’s villa that I had a chance to visit last week. It is located in a very luxurious residential area in Thao Dien ward, District 2, HCMC. I guess, the value of that house must be around a million US dollars.

Talking about what it looked like, I remember that when looking at the exterior of the house, it resembled a mansion with European style of architecture that we may see in movies. Walking through the door, I was blown away by the way the owner decorated the house. I felt like I was walking in some kind of palace in bedtime stories. And, the unique thing is that many items in that house were extremely rare and valuable.

However, the best thing about this house is that it is very spacious and all the rooms were very well-arranged to make it more convenient for the users. Anyway, I think that place would be quite creepy when the sun goes down because it made me think of some horror movie.

And finally, even though it was one of the greatest house that I’ve ever seen, I still don’t want to live in it. To be honest, I’m very lazy so I don’t think that I can stand sweeping and mopping that house everyday. Besides, I’m afraid of ghosts so living in such a scary place like that doesn’t seem to be a good idea.


  • Residential area: Khu dân cư

  • Resemble (v): giống

  • Mansion (n): lâu đài

  • Palace (n): cung điện

  • Bedtime stories: truyện kể trước lúc đi ngủ (thường dành cho trẻ em)

  • Spacious (adj): rộng rãi

  • Creepy (adj): rùng rợn

By Anh Ngữ ZIM

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