Describe a person who is full of energy: Bài mẫu kèm từ vựng

Sample IELTS Speaking Part 2 Describe a person who is full of energy thuộc nhóm chủ đề describe a person (miêu tả người) kèm theo các từ vựng ghi điểm trong bài
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describe a person who is full of energy bai mau kem tu vung

Bài viết giới thiệu Sample IELTS Speaking Part 2 Describe a person who is full of energy thuộc nhóm chủ đề describe a person (miêu tả người) kèm theo các từ vựng ghi điểm trong bài. Đây là một trong nhóm chủ đề phổ biến trong bài thi IELTS Speaking Part 2.

Describe a person who is full of energy

You should say: 

  • Who he or she is 

  • What he or she does

  • Why he or she is full of energy

  • And explain how you feel about this person 

 IELTS Speaking sample

I’m going to talk about my sister who is the most energetic person I’ve ever known. She is working as an event planner at a famous company in Ho Chi Minh City. She also has her part-time job as a yoga teacher. She’s always full of beans and the smile is always on her lips. Every day, she gets up at 5 a.m and starts her day with 1 hour of yoga and meditation. She always has self-made healthy breakfast with fruit smoothies and veggies. Her job requires multitasking and creativity and she also has to move from place to place during the day. After work, she goes to the yoga center where she works part-time and does not come home until 10 p.m. Even though she has a long day’s work, she’s never tired or shows that she loses her energy. Besides, she’s always in a good mood. Even when she faces the biggest problem in her life, she still keeps a positive attitude. She’s always the life and soul of the party. Her energy and enthusiasm makes people happy and motivated when being with her. I’m grateful that I am her younger sister. She gives me a lot of inspiration to work harder and maintain a positive mindset. Whenever I have difficulties, she always encourages me not to give up and thanks to her kind words, I become a better version of myself every day.

Estimated band 7

Từ vựng trong IELTS Speaking sample:

  1. full of beans /fʊl/ /əv/ /biːn/: tràn đầy năng lượng

Ví dụ: It's optimistic, fun, full of beans.

  1. start one’s day: bắt đầu ngày mới

Ví dụ: When do you start your day then?

  1. Meditation /ˌmed.ɪˈteɪ.ʃən/: thiền

Ví dụ: She practises meditation.

  1. Multitasking /ˌmʌl.tiˈtɑːs.kɪŋ/: làm nhiều việc khác nhau cùng lúc

Ví dụ: Women are often very good at multitasking.

  1. be in good mood: có tâm trạng tốt

mood /muːd/: tâm trạng

Ví dụ: I am in good mood while playing computer games.

7.    the life and soul of the party: người nhiệt huyết và hài hước, luôn là trung tâm của bữa tiệc/ những hoạt động xã hội mà họ tham gia

Ví dụ: He was regularly seen attending nightclubs and discos, and was generally the life and soul of the party.

  1. positive mindset: tư duy tích cực

positive /ˈpɒz.ə.tɪv/ : tích cực

mindset /ˈmaɪnd.set/ : tư duy

Ví dụ: It is probably why Defoe has such a positive mindset.

  1. a better version of myself: phiên bản tốt hơn của chính mình

version /ˈvɜː.ʃən/ : phiên bản

Ví dụ: She transforms me into a better version of myself.

Mở rộng: Người đọc có thể sử dụng câu trả lời trên cho các chủ đề:

  • Describe a person who you like a lot

  • Describe a family member

  • Describe an energetic person that you know


IELTS Speaking Part 3 Sample

1. What kind of jobs require much energy?

Gợi ý: physical activities (hoạt động thể chất), maintain enthusiasm (duy trì sự nhiệt huyết)

Well, I think the jobs in which people have to do a lot of physical activities or talking with customers all the time require a lot of energy. Besides, being a teacher also requires people to have a high level of energy. I myself am a teacher, so I always have to maintain my enthusiasm. Because whenever I show that I’m tired or not active, my lessons are boring and not interactive. 

2. Do you think manual work will all be done by machines in the future? 

Gợi ý: on the rise (ngày càng tăng), save time and energy (tiết kiệm thời gian và công sức), unskilled people (người không có chuyên môn)

Yes, for sure. Using machines for physically demanding work is on the rise. Just take household chores as a simple example: Instead of washing clothes or dishes by hand, now we have a washing machine and dishwasher to complete those tasks. Using machines helps people save time and energy, but when it comes to jobs, I believe a lot of manual jobs will disappear in the future, and many unskilled people may be unemployed.

3. Do you think manual workers will earn more in the future?

Gợi ý: Be highly appreciated (được đánh giá cao), a large volume of work (một khối lượng công việc lớn), lose jobs (mất việc)

I don’t think so. As I mentioned before, machines are gradually replacing humans in manual work, so of course manual labor will not be as highly appreciated as they are now. Employers will prefer robots that can handle a large volume of work in a shorter time than humans. So manual workers may even lose their jobs if their work can be done more efficiently by a machine.

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