Describe a person you want to enjoy dinner with: Bài mẫu kèm từ vựng

Sample IELTS Speaking Part 2 Describe a person you want to enjoy dinner with thuộc nhóm chủ đề describe a person (miêu tả người) kèm theo các từ vựng ghi điểm trong bài
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describe a person you want to enjoy dinner with bai mau kem tu vung

Bài viết giới thiệu Sample IELTS Speaking Part 2 Describe a person you want to enjoy dinner with thuộc nhóm chủ đề describe a person (miêu tả người) kèm theo các từ vựng ghi điểm trong bài. Đây là một trong nhóm chủ đề phổ biến trong bài thi IELTS Speaking Part 2.

Describe a person you want to enjoy dinner with

You should say:

  • Who you were with

  • When it was

  • What you ate

And explain why you enjoyed it

IELTS Speaking sample  

So today I’d like to talk about Serena, a good friend of mine who I really enjoy dining out with.

As I remember, 2 years ago, I flew to Singapore alone to treat myself after a year of hard work. It took me less than two hours to get to Singapore and the weather was super nice that day.

Well, the first thing on my to-do list was to visit Marina Bay Sands, an iconic integrated resort which attracts thousands of visitors every year. As I was wandering in The Shoppes to collect some sale items, I bumped into an old friend of mine who moved to Singapore many years ago. At first glance, I didn’t recognize her since we both had grown physically but then I knew it was her thanks to her big brown eyes. I ran towards her and that really surprised her. I immediately asked her out for dinner to catch up with each other and she agreed with no hesitation.

Being a local, she took me to Amoy street Food Centre, and ate at a place called A Noodle Story. This place was very well-known for its Singaporean-flavoured ramen and that was what we had for dinner. While eating, we picked up where we left off and exchanged our contacts. She was as sweet as I remembered and was such a wonderful companion for the night. On top of that, words are not enough to describe how top-notch the ramen was.

I had such a blast and the rest of the trip was wonderful as well. She promised that she would come back to Vietnam next year and visit me.

That’s all I want to say.

Estimated band 7

Từ vựng trong IELTS Speaking sample:

  1. treat myself /triːt/ /maɪˈself/: tự thưởng cho bản thân

Ví dụ: I treat myself very formally with meals.

  1. bumped into /bʌmp/ /ˈɪn.tuː/: bắt gặp một cách tình cờ

Ví dụ: You bumped into me.

  1. At first glance : thoạt đầu

Glance /ɡlɑːns/: nhìn lướt qua

Ví dụ: At first glance, the idea seems great

  1. hesitation /ˌhez.ɪˈteɪ.ʃən/ : ngần ngại

Ví dụ: After a slight hesitation, she began to speak.

  1. picked up where we left off : nói tiếp những chuyện từ lần gần nhất

Ví dụ: He came right in and picked up where we left off

  1. words are not enough to describe : không từ ngữ nào diễn tả được

Describe /dɪˈskraɪb/: diễn tả, miêu tả

Ví dụ: Words are not enough to describe you

  1. Top-notch /ˌtɒpˈnɒtʃ/ : xuất sắc, đỉnh cao

Ví dụ: He's top-notch

IELTS Speaking Part 3 Sample

1. Do you think the family meal is important?

Definitely, especially during this modern age. You know, family meals are the time when everyone puts away their phone, gathers around the table and reconnects with each other. This short yet valuable period is like a reward after a hectic day and is a chance for family members to spend quality time together. Therefore, having a family meal should be a common practice everywhere.

2. What do you think when many people don’t spend sufficient time for family dinners?

It’s hard to tell because each person has their own reasons. But I think it’s mostly because we are now having fast-paced lifestyles and the convenience of fast food has affected out family dinnertime. What we can do and should do is to spare some time for a cozy family dinner occasionally because like I have said, it would strengthen family bonds.

3. Do you often buy takeaway snacks to bring home and share with your parents?

It really depends on how far away I am from home. If I am close, I will take them home and invite my parents to take a bite. If I’m not, it would be a no because the food would lose its freshness and taste terrible . However, my parents aren’t really big fans of snacks so most of the time, I wouldn’t bring them home.

Từ vựng trong IELTS Speaking sample:

- practice: tập tục

- strengthen family bonds : thắt chặt tình cảm gia đình

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