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Describe a place you would like to visit in the future thuộc nhóm chủ đề “Describe a place (miêu tả địa điểm) ” là đề bài thường xuất hiện trong Part 2 IELTS Speaking. Bài viết dưới đây sẽ gợi ý sample cho chủ đề này cùng các câu hỏi thường gặp và hướng dẫn cách trả lời lưu loát cho chủ đề này.
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describe a place you would like to visit in the future bai mau kem audio

Bài mẫu “Describe a place you would like to visit in the future”

You should say:

  • where it is

  • what it is like

  • how you would travel there

and explain why you want to visit that place

Dàn ý


Describing my desire to visit Nha Trang, a coastal city in Vietnam, in the future.


From what I've heard and seen in pictures, Nha Trang is a paradise of white sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and lush greenery. The city offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and modern amenities.


Sharing information about Nha Trang's stunning beaches, underwater attractions, and cultural sites, as well as discussing the travel plans and mode of transportation.


The result is a strong desire to visit Nha Trang due to its natural beauty, underwater adventures, and cultural immersion opportunities.

Bài mẫu

So, the place I would love to visit in the future is Nha Trang, which is a coastal city located in southern Vietnam, also known for its stunning beaches and vibrant underwater world.

From what I've heard and seen in pictures, Nha Trang is a paradise of white sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and lush greenery. The city offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and modern amenities. Whether it's lounging on the beach, snorkeling or scuba diving to explore the colorful coral reefs, or indulging in delicious seafood, Nha Trang seems to have it all.

If I were to visit Nha Trang in the future, I would most likely travel there by plane. There are direct flights available from major cities, which would make the journey convenient and time-efficient. Once in Nha Trang, I would explore the city by renting a scooter or taking local transportation to visit the various attractions, such as the iconic Long Son Pagoda, the stunning Vinpearl Land amusement park, and the picturesque Nha Trang Bay.

There are several reasons why I want to visit Nha Trang. Firstly, I'm a beach lover, and Nha Trang's renowned beaches with their golden sands and clear waters are incredibly enticing. The opportunity to relax on the beach, soak up the sun, and swim in the refreshing sea is something I truly crave.

Secondly, I'm fascinated by the underwater world, and Nha Trang offers excellent opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving. Exploring the vibrant coral reefs and encountering a diverse array of marine life would be a dream come true for me.

Lastly, I'm intrigued by the rich cultural heritage of Vietnam, and Nha Trang's historical sites and temples provide a glimpse into the country's past. Immersing myself in the local culture, trying authentic Vietnamese cuisine, and interacting with the friendly locals would make the trip even more memorable.

Từ vựng cần lưu ý

  • A coastal city (Thành phố ven biển): Một thành phố nằm ven biển.

  • Stunning beaches (Bãi biển tuyệt đẹp): Những bãi biển đẹp mê hồn.

  • White sandy beaches (Bãi biển cát trắng): Những bãi biển cát trắng.

  • Crystal-clear turquoise waters (Nước biển xanh ngọc trong): Những dòng nước biển xanh ngọc trong.

  • Lush greenery (Cảnh quan xanh tươi): Cảnh quan đầy cây xanh, xanh tươi.

  • The colorful coral reefs (Rặng san hô đầy màu sắc): Những rặng san hô đa sắc màu.

  • Major cities (Các thành phố lớn): Những thành phố chính, đại đô thị.

  • Time-efficient (Tiết kiệm thời gian): Tiết kiệm thời gian hiệu quả.

  • Picturesque (Hữu tình, đẹp như tranh): Có cảnh đẹp như tranh.

  • Enticing (Lôi cuốn, hấp dẫn): Hấp dẫn, lôi cuốn.

  • Soak up the sun (Tắm nắng): Tận hưởng ánh nắng mặt trời.

  • Crave (Khao khát): Khao khát, thèm muốn.

  • A diverse array of marine life (Sự đa dạng của đời sống biển): Sự đa dạng về sinh vật sống dưới biển.

  • The rich cultural heritage (Di sản văn hóa phong phú): Di sản văn hóa phong phú.

  • A glimpse into the country's past (Nhìn qua quá khứ của đất nước): Một cái nhìn qua về quá khứ của đất nước.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 Sample – Traveling

What kind of places are popular to visit in your country?

Oh, there are all sorts of popular places to visit in my country. We've got stunning beaches with crystal-clear waters, historical landmarks that take you back in time, and vibrant cities buzzing with life. Plus, there are breathtaking natural landscapes like mountains and jungles that make you feel like you're in a movie. It's no wonder tourists flock here!

  • Historical landmarks: Những địa điểm có giá trị lịch sử.

Ví dụ: My country is famous for its historical landmarks, such as ancient temples, palaces, and ruins that offer glimpses into our rich heritage.

  • Vibrant cities buzzing with life: Những thành phố sôi động, náo nhiệt.

Ví dụ: Our country boasts vibrant cities buzzing with life, where you can find bustling markets, lively entertainment districts, and a thriving nightlife.

  • Breathtaking natural landscapes: Những cảnh quan tự nhiên đẹp đến ngỡ ngàng.

Ví dụ: One of the highlights of visiting my country is exploring its breathtaking natural landscapes, such as majestic mountains, cascading waterfalls, and pristine national parks.

  • Flock: Những người đổ về, kéo đến.

Ví dụ: Tourists from all over the world flock to my country to experience its beauty, culture, and warm hospitality.

Do you prefer to travel alone or with others? Why?

Personally, I'm all for traveling with others. It's like having built-in buddies to share the experience with, create memories together, and have someone to laugh and navigate those tricky situations with. Plus, you can split the costs, which is always a bonus. But hey, solo travel has its charm too. It gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. It's like a journey of self-discovery.

  • Create memories together: Tạo những kỷ niệm đáng nhớ cùng nhau.

Ví dụ: Traveling with others allows us to create memories together, whether it's exploring new destinations, trying local cuisines, or embarking on exciting adventures.

  • Split the costs: Chia sẻ chi phí.

Ví dụ: One of the advantages of traveling with others is that you can split the costs of accommodations, transportation, and meals, making it more budget-friendly.

  • A journey of self-discovery: Một hành trình khám phá bản thân.

Ví dụ: Traveling alone can be a transformative journey of self-discovery, allowing you to reflect, learn, and grow as an individual.

Have you ever experienced any problems when traveling? What happened?

Oh boy, have I had my fair share of travel mishaps. Missed flights, lost luggage, language barriers that led to hilarious misunderstandings, you name it. Once, I even got stuck in a massive traffic jam on a sweltering hot day, and my ice cream melted faster than you can say "brain freeze." But hey, these problems are all part of the adventure, right? They make for great stories to tell when you're back home.

  • Travel mishaps: Những rắc rối khi du lịch.

Ví dụ: I've had my fair share of travel mishaps, from missed flights and lost belongings to getting lost in unfamiliar cities. But hey, they make for great stories!

  • Hilarious misunderstandings: Những hiểu lầm gây cười.

Ví dụ: Language barriers can sometimes lead to hilarious misunderstandings, like when I ordered a dish thinking it was vegetarian but ended up with a plate of meatballs.

  • A sweltering hot day: Một ngày nắng nóng gay gắt.

Ví dụ: I remember exploring the ancient ruins on a sweltering hot day, where the scorching sun made every step feel like a challenge.

Do you think it’s important to learn about the culture of the places you visit? Why or why not?

Learning about the culture of the places you visit? Absolutely! It's like adding another layer of richness to your travel experience. By immersing yourself in the local culture, you get to understand the traditions, taste the authentic cuisine, and interact with the locals on a deeper level. It's like a bridge that connects you to the soul of a place. Plus, it shows respect and appreciation for the people and their heritage.

  • Taste the authentic cuisine: Thưởng thức những món ăn chính hiệu, chuẩn vị .

Ví dụ: When you visit my country, make sure to taste the authentic cuisine, from street food delicacies to traditional dishes prepared with local ingredients.

  • Heritage: Di sản.

Ví dụ: Learning about the heritage of the places you visit provides insights into the traditions, customs, and historical significance of the region.

How do you think technology has changed the way people travel?

Technology has changed the travel game big time. Remember the days of carrying around heavy guidebooks? Now, we've got everything at our fingertips. From travel apps that recommend the best restaurants and attractions to online booking platforms that make securing flights and accommodations a breeze. Oh, and let's not forget about social media, which has transformed the way we discover new destinations and share our travel stories. It's like having a personal travel assistant in our pockets.

  • Guidebooks: Những sách hướng dẫn.

Ví dụ: With the advent of technology, guidebooks have been replaced by travel apps and online resources, offering instant access to information, recommendations, and reviews.

  • A personal travel assistant: Một trợ lý du lịch cá nhân.

Ví dụ: Thanks to smartphones and travel apps, we now have a personal travel assistant in our pockets, helping us navigate, book accommodations, and discover hidden gems.

Why do you think so many younger people travel these days?

I think there are a few factors at play here. First, the world has become more interconnected and accessible. Flights are more affordable, information is readily available, and the concept of "bucket list" experiences has taken hold. Secondly, younger people are seeking adventure, self-discovery, and personal growth. Traveling allows them to break out of their comfort zones, meet new people, and expand their horizons. Plus, let's face it, those envy-inducing travel photos on social media can be quite the motivation too.

  • Interconnected: Liên kết với nhau.

Ví dụ: The world has become more interconnected, with easy access to information, affordable transportation, and the ability to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

  • Accessible: Dễ tiếp cận.

Ví dụ: Traveling has become more accessible to people of all backgrounds and budgets, thanks to affordable flights, accommodation options, and transportation networks.

  • The concept of "bucket list" experiences: Khái niệm về những trải nghiệm trong "danh sách những điều bản thân muốn làm được trước khi qua đời".

Ví dụ: Younger people are often motivated by the concept of "bucket list" experiences, seeking to fulfill their travel dreams and check off memorable activities from their list.

  • Break out of their comfort zones: Vượt ra khỏi vùng an toàn, thoát ra khỏi sự thoải mái.

Ví dụ: Many younger travelers see travel as an opportunity to break out of their comfort zones, challenge themselves, and embrace new experiences and perspectives.

  • Expand their horizons: Mở rộng tầm nhìn, mở mang tri thức.

Ví dụ: Traveling allows younger people to expand their horizons, learn about different cultures, and gain a broader understanding of the world.

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