Giải đề và bài mẫu IELTS Speaking cho chủ đề Describe a success your friend has achieved

Describe a success your friend has achieved. You should say: What it was; when it happened; why your friend chose this area of activity; and explain why you thought this was a success.
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IELTS Speaking Part 2

Chủ đề: Describe a success your friend has achieved

  1. What it was

  2. When it happened

  3. Why your friend chose this area of activity

  4. and explain why you thought this was a success.

Bài mẫu tham khảo

ZIM Education · ZIM | IELTS Speaking Sample – Describe A Success Your Friend Has Achieved

I’m going to share with you a story about one of my friend’s successes that happened 3 years ago. After graduating from a small college located in the suburb of Dong Nai Province, Sumail decided to pursue his own ambition instead of following in his family’s footsteps, something that drove his parents crazy. Whereas his friends were squandering money on gambling or preparing to tie the knot, he started his career as an amateur Youtuber with nearly nothing to his name. During the very first part of his career path, due to the lack of financial support, he had to take lots of jobs in order to make ends meet. He was busy as a bee, doing part-time jobs in the daytime and burning the midnight oil night after night. After 1 year of hard work, he eventually managed to buy his first computer and then opened his own studio in a small dorm room. With his unique creativity and good sense of humour, his career began to take off. Now he is one of the most popular youtubers in the world with more than 100 million subscribers. He has his own seaside villa, a number of supercars and an ideal family. We still talk about the old days as well as his achievements every time we meet.

Từ vựng theo chủ đề

  • Follow family’s footstep: nối nghiệp gia đình

  • Drive sbd crazy: làm ai đó tức điên lên

  • Squander: phung phí

  • Tie the knot: kết hôn

  • Financial support: sự hỗ trợ về tài chính

  • Make ends meet: làm đủ tền để sống

  • Busy as a bee: rất bận rộn

  • Burn the midnight oil: làm việc đến tận khuya

  • Take off (career): sự nghiệp thăng tến, phát triển

  • Ideal family: gia đình lý tưởng

Các chủ đề tương tự

Các ý tưởng và từ vựng trong bài mẫu trên có thể được sử dụng để phát triển câu trả lời cho các chủ đề sau:

  • Describe a piece of good news on TV or the Internet: A couple of days ago I saw some of my friends’ video on my YouTube suggested list and that reminds me of his success story.

  • Describe a time you gave advice to others: When Sumail was about at the lowest point of his life, we met once to have a chat. That was when Youtube was becoming a sensation, so I suggested that perhaps he could start his own YouTube channel.

IELTS Speaking Part 3

Câu trả lời mẫu tham khảo

1. What qualities do you think are necessary for success in life?

Gợi ý: Kiên nhẫn, chăm chỉ (hard work), sự quyết đoán (decisiveness). Ví dụ một số nghề cần phải kiên nhân như giáo viên, bác sĩ.

To become a successful person in life, we are required to have a great number of qualities, but the most important one is certainly patience. I mean, nobody can succeed without experiencing failures. We need to persevere until the time is right, and our efforts will pay off.

2. Do you think having a lot of money can be seen as an achievement?

Gợi ý: Có vì có tiền sẽ mua được nhiều thứ, nhiều người dành cả đời để kiếm tiền. Không vì có nhiều thứ quan trọng hơn các giá trị vật chất (material values), ví dụ như gia đình, hôn nhân hoặc niềm vui trong cuộc sống.

Yes, to some extent. All of us all try to earn as much money as possible as we all know it is terrible to live in poverty. Therefore, having a lot of money may mean the world to somebody and they are entitled to feel satisfied when achieving this as long as he or she doesn’t forget other values in life like family or love.

3. Is it good or bad for a person to be successful when he is still young?

Gợi ý: Xấu vì lúc đó họ chưa trưởng thành (not mature enough) nên dễ bị cám dỗ. Ví dụ một số người nổi tếng thành công khi còn trẻ, không nhiều người có cuộc sống hạnh phúc.

It is more of a negative trend in my mind, simply because they will very likely be tempted by fame or wealth and fail to pursue other goals that are more precious like their career or a happy marriage. Public figures, for example Justin Bieber, who became internationally well-known way too early, are living a life fraught with scandals.

4. Do you think you are a person that feels happy easily?

Gợi ý: Có vì luôn là người tích cực và lạc quan, dễ cười và dễ tha thứ (tolerant). Không là bởi vì thường xuyên bị stress (suffer constant stress at work) và hơi khó tính.

Yes, probably. I consider myself as an optimistic and easygoing individual as I can smile even when my mood is low. I mean, I always try to look for the silver lining to stay positive in even the darkest moments in life. I often also burst out laughing when talking to someone humorous, even in a time of crisis.

5. Do rich people or poor people often feel happier?

Gợi ý: Có vì giàu sẽ có nhiều tiền đi học, đi chơi, có công việc tốt thì cảm thấy hạnh phúc hơn. Không vì ai cũng có vấn đề riêng của họ, ví dụ như Mr. Vũ, the founder of Trung Nguyen coffee và scandal về hôn nhân gia đình của ông.

It is quite difficult to say for sure. I guess the rich are more likely to feel happy as we all know material possessions can provide us with better education and entertainment. Therefore, we can more easily find jobs, enjoy a better living standard and afford activities that amuse us unlike those who are destitute.

Từ vựng theo chủ đề

  • Mean the world to: có ý nghĩa to lớn đối với

  • Be tempted by fame or wealth: bị cám dỗ bởi sự nổi tếng và tền bạc

  • Be fraught with: đầy rẫy

  • Look for the silver lining: tìm ra mặt tích cực của 1 vấn đề

  • Burst out laughing: bật cười

  • Destitute: khốn khó, khốn cùng

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