Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1 – Đề thi ngày 12/1/2017

The chart shows the proportion of renewable energy in total energy supply in 4 countries from 1997 to 2010
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bai mau ielts writing task 1 de thi ngay 1212017


The given bar chart presents data about the percentages of renewable energy in total energy production in 4 different countries named Australia, Sweden, Iceland and Turkey in 3 years: 1997, 2000 and 2010.

Overall, Sweden and Iceland witnessed an upward trend in the use of renewable energy sources in the three examined years. It can also be seen that among the four countries, this type of energy was most popular in Iceland.

In 1997, almost half of the total energy produced in Iceland came from renewable resources. This figure continued to climb steadily to 60% in 2000 and more than 70% in 2010. Meanwhile, in the year 1997, only approximately 5% of the entire amount of energy was generated from natural resources in Sweden, who experienced a similar trend as that of Iceland in the proportion of renewable energy.

Regarding Australia, nearly 10% of energy supply was from renewable resources in 1997, and this figure decreased slightly to around 5% in 2010. After minimally growing to over 40% in 2000, the percentage of this source of energy went down to about 33% after 10 years.

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