Sample Answer IELTS Speaking Test in India – January 2017

IELTS Speaking test in India – January 2017, bài mẫu kèm theo từ vựng theo chủ đề IELTS.
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sample answer ielts speaking test in india january 2017

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IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe your favorite location for swimming. Please say:

  1. What and where is it?
  2. How often do you visit this place?
  3. Who do you go there with?

Sample Answer:

Well, I usually visit a swimming pool located near my house called “Ben Cat swimming club.” In fact, I’ve been going to that pool since I was a little kid. My father and I often go swimming there whenever we want to relax after my rigorous exams at school.

I recall an occasion when I just finished my entrance test to high school. You know, in my country, students are required to sit an exam to be evaluated to enroll in a school. Well, after the test, I was very scared and jumped up and down because I did not do really well. My father then asked me to go to the pool with him and tried to cheer me up, and I felt much better since then. Umm, and the result was just wonderful: I made it to my dream school. Thanks to my dad taking me to the swimming pool, I could release my stress; otherwise, I believe my mind would still race for the next several days.

Well, in the past, I visited Ben Cat more often. Let’s say four times a week. But at the moment, because of the heavy schoolwork, I just visit there every once in a whilewith my family, and usually at weekends only.

The pool has captured a lot of my memorable moments and is beautifully decorated too. I would suggest everyone go to this pool to have a great time.

Từ vựng theo chủ đề

  1. rigorous exams (n): những kì thi cam go
  2. enroll in (v): nhập học
  3. jumped up and down (v): bồn chồn, đứng ngồi không yên
  4. made it to my dream school (v): đỗ trường tôi hằng mong ước
  5. every once in a while (adv): lâu lâu một lần

IELTS Speaking Part 3

– Do you think children should learn to swim?

Definitely yes! Swimming is an essential skill for survival that children should acquire. Whenever they go to the beach or hang out with their friends at the location near water, their parents will feel much more secured for their children’s safety. Also, swimming is a good and easy exercise to do. So yes, I think it’s necessary for children to learn to swim.

– Do you think swimming can be learned by reading a book?

I think it is an obvious no, because swimming is a sport that requires movements of our bodies. Learning through books means learning through theories only. Swimming is more than that. I mean reading books is good because it provides us with some basic knowledge of the techniques, but it’s more important to put them into practice. Our bodies have to be familiar with the movements in the water before we can master this kind of sport.

– Do you think swimming should be included in the school curriculum?

Well I think the answer is yes. As I said earlier, swimming is vital for students’ survival, should they run into any accidents with the water. Moreover, I think it is nice that more and more schools in my country are turning swimming into a compulsory course. No longer was it an optional choice like before.

Từ vựng theo chủ đề

  1. Acquire (v): có được, giành được
  2. movements of our bodies (v): những chuyển động của cơ thể
  3. familiar with (adj): thân thuộc / làm quen với gì đó
  4. master (v): thuần thục, thành thạo
  5. vital (adj): quan trọng, cần thiểt
  6. run into any accidents (v): gặp phải tai nạn
  7. a compulsory course (n): một khóa học bắt buộc
  8. an optional choice (n): một lựa chọn không bắt buộc, mang tính tự nguyện

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