Sample Answer IELTS Speaking – Topic Relaxation

IELTS Speaking test in Australia– April 2017, bài mẫu kèm theo từ vựng theo chủ đề IELTS.
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sample answer ielts speaking topic relaxation

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IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a place you use for relaxation

  1. You should say:
  2. What and where is it
  3. How often you go there
  4. How did you find it

Let me tell you about my secret little spot that I often stop by whenever I want to have some “me” time or escape from all my students’ ungraded assignments. It is an Internet café located on Kim Ma street called “Paradise”.

Despite its name, an internet café does not actually sell any beverages. Instead, a cyber café usually consists of dozens of PC for Vietnamese youngsters to use at an hourly fee of five thousand VNĐ. Honestly, although I am not, and never will be, addicted to game, I admit video game serves as an excellent stress reliever.

So…I’ve started visiting “Paradise” since I became a Mac-user (you can’t install games on a Macbook). Without my weekly dose of video game, I was devastated for weeks but fortunately every cloud has a silver lining. Suddenly I remember those mysterious gaming cafes that my mom always labeled as “place for bad kids” when I was young and Paradise was the first one nearby to pop up on my Google search page.

My first trip to Paradise was a nightmare. I encountered a terrifying scene: rows of school-aged gamers, who were yelling and cursing, cramped inside the tiny café. But I don’t give up that easy. Necessity is the mother of invention, you know. I came up with a brilliant solution: coming to Paradise only in the early morning or late at night and successfully avoided all the unwanted noise pollution. Finally, I was able to be alone, immerse in my game, and unwind.

That would be the end. Thanks for listening!

IELTS Speaking Part 3

How do people in your country like to relax?

It depends on personalities, you see. Not everyone is weird and use video games to unwind like me. While some might relax by hanging out with their best buddies, others release all their stress simply by a quick power nap.

How were people relaxing in the past?

Well I am not entirely sure. I mean I wasn’t there to witness. My dad told me that he never rested a day in this life as he had to work his ass off to feed six other siblings. Of course I don’t really believe in word of mouth but his dad, whose pride is off the charts, would never tell me how he chilled.

Is it different today? Why?

Yea I feel like kids these days are offered more time for relaxation thanks to better living standards. Although I don’t completely buy my dad’s boasts about his diligence, I acknowledge that life 20 years ago significantly differed from now and children had to join the workforce at an early age, hence relaxation was probably a luxury.

Useful language:

  1. long lasting (adj): Kéo dài
  2. A nine to five job (n): Công việc công sở
  3. A lot of thick and thin (n): Nhiều thăng trầm
  4. Tiffs(n): cãi cọ

By Anh Minh Le – IELTS Intensive Training Expert

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