Describe an area of science (physics, biology, psychology, etc.) that interests you: Bài mẫu kèm từ vựng

Sample IELTS Speaking part 2 Describe an area of science (physics, biology, psychology, etc.) that interests you và có kèm theo các từ vựng ghi điểm trong bài.
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describe an area of science physics biology psychology etc that interests you bai mau kem tu vung

Bài viết giới thiệu Sample IELTS Speaking part 2 Describe an area of science (physics, biology, psychology, etc.) that interests you thuộc nhóm chủ đề describe an object (miêu tả một đồ vật) kèm theo các từ vựng ghi điểm trong bài. Đây là một trong nhóm chủ đề phổ biến trong bài thi IELTS Speaking Part 2.

Describe an area of science (physics, biology, psychology, etc.) that interests you

You should say

  1. What it is

  2. When you knew it

  3. How you learned it

  4. And explain why you are interested in it

IELTS Speaking sample:

I’d like to talk about the area of science in which I’ve recently developed a particular interest. It is mental health.

If you asked me this question years ago, then mental health wouldn’t even be in the top 10 of the things I’d think of. You know, I was always a super-confident guy who didn’t have much difficulty getting what he wanted. I always thought of myself as someone full of positive energy, and thus immune to any kinds of mental illnesses. But I was wrong. At the end of last year, I went through the darkest period in my life, mostly because of the stumbling blocks I’ve encountered in my career, and a toxic relationship that had been ruining my self-esteem for more than 6 years. I felt as if everything was against me, and the worst part is that I didn’t have the guts to free myself.

It was at that moment that I realized the most frightening thing about depression. It doesn’t spare any victim. No one is 100% safe from it, no matter how glorious their career is or how many achievements they’ve got. Sometimes when we look at the Facebook page of a well-known celebrity, we don’t see any sign of negativity, let alone suicidal thoughts. We’d ask ourselves: What could possibly go wrong with this guy? He has everything so many others long for. He must be really happy with his life. While in reality, that person’s probably sitting alone in his room in sorrow, asking himself what’s his purpose in this life, and burying himself in the thought of death as an escape.

When I was aware of my own conditions, I tried everything I could to ease the excruciating pain I had to endure. I tried to reach out for help. Fortunately, some people noticed the problem I was having. They listened to me, gave me small useful advice, and eventually, I finally managed to pull it together, and escape from that living hell.

After barely surviving that nightmare, I started to seriously consider being a psychiatrist in the future, though of course I didn’t receive any proper training in this field. I guess I just want to save those who are going the same hell as I did, you know? I want to reach out for those broken souls, and remind them that We’re here, and we care for you. Because for someone who suffers from mental illnesses, nothing is more important than being loved.

Từ vựng trong IELTS Speaking sample:

1. Full of positive energy: tràn đầy năng lượng tích cực

2. Positive /ˈpɒz.ə.tɪv/ tích cực

3. Energy /ˈen.ə.dʒi/ năng lượng

Ví dụ: Jurgen is full of positive energy and hope.

4. Immune to any kinds of mental illnesses: miễn dịch với bất kể các bệnh về tinh thần

5. Immune /ɪˈmjuːn/ miễn dịch

6. Mental /ˈmen.təl/ tinh thần

7. Illnesses /ˈɪl.nəs/ bệnh

Ví dụ: I immune to any kinds of mental illnesses

8. stumbling blocks /ˈstʌm.bəl.ɪŋ ˌblɒk/ những lần vấp ngã

Ví dụ: Lack of willingness to compromise on both sides is the major stumbling blocks to reaching a settlement.

9. Ruining my self-esteem /ˈruː.ɪnɪŋ maɪ self ɪˈstiːm /: hủy hoại lòng tự trọng

10. Not have the guts to free myself /nɒt hæv ðiː guts tuː friː maɪˈself/: không có can đảm để giải phóng bản thân

Ví dụ: I don’t have the guts to free myself

11. spare any victim /speər ˈen.i ˈvɪk.tɪm/ : tha cho bất kỳ nạn nhân nào

Ví dụ: Covid-19 will not spare any victim

12. Suicidal thoughts /ˌsuː.ɪˈsaɪ.dəl θɔːts/: suy nghĩ tự vẫn (tự tử)

Ví dụ: Suicidal thoughts weren't far away

13. Ease the excruciating pain /iːz: ði ɪkˈskruː.ʃi.eɪ.tɪŋ peɪn/ ː làm dịu cơn đau dữ dội

14. Pain /peɪn/ cơn đa

15. Excruciating /ɪkˈskruː.ʃi.eɪ.tɪŋ/ dữ dội

Ví dụ: To ease the excruciating pain during filming, Wally was given morphine

16. Escape from that living hell: thoát khỏi địa ngục trần gian

17. Escape /ɪˈskeɪp/ thoát khỏi

18. Hell /hel/ địa ngục

Ví dụ: Everyone wants to escape from that living hell

19. Psychiatrist /saɪˈkaɪə.trɪst/: bác sĩ tâm lý

Ví dụ: A psychiatrist was examined on the mental state of the defendant.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 Sample

What's the best invention in the past one hundred years?

Gợi ý: The most striking one is the telephone, regardless of far distance (bất kể khoảng cách)

Well, that’s really hard to choose because you know, there have been thousands of great inventions, but perhaps the most striking one to me is the telephone. Being able to talk with anyone regardless of far distance is so amazing and convenient.

What's the influence of science on human life?

Gợi ý: positive impacts (tác động tích cực), the advance of science (tiến bộ của khoa học), effective solutions to the challenges that humanity is facing (giải pháp hiệu quả cho các vấn đề mà nhân loại đang đối mặt), cure or treatment (việc chữa trị bệnh), renewable energy (năng lượng tái tạo)

Obviously, science has brought many positive impacts on people’s life. As we can see, thanks to the advance of science, there are always effective solutions to the challenges that humanity is facing. You know, from cure or treatment to serious health problems to the advent of renewable energy which helps reduce heavy pollution. Those are just some typical examples of science that do wonders for human beings. Up to now, many basic human needs have been satisfied and the living standards have been improved too.

What can individuals do for scientific research?

Gợi ý: funding (ngân sách), donating money (quyên góp tiền), deal with financial problems (giải quyết vấn đề về tài chính), contribution from young talented generations (đóng góp từ thế hệ trẻ tài năng)

Probably funding is the major problem to all. To facilitate the process of doing research, scientists need modern equipment, gadgets, material or even infrastructure like laboratories that may cost millions of dollars. Thus, as ordinary people, we may help by donating money to help deal with financial problems. What’s more, I guess they also seek contribution in terms of ideas from young talented generations.

What influence can international cooperation in science bring about?

Gợi ý: providing access to valuable additional expertise (tiếp cận các nguồn kiến thức chuyên môn có giá trị), sharing costs (chia sẻ kinh phí), combating this serious disease (chống lại đại dịch nghiêm trọng)

You know, science is a long process of continuously learning and researching in which scientists all across the globe may have common goals. Hence, working and collaborating with their international counterparts can benefit all, like providing access to valuable additional expertise or sharing costs. You see, during the coronavirus pandemic, many countries have supported each other so as to combating this serious disease and in fact, we are making faster joint progress.

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