Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking và từ vựng chủ đề Holiday

Holiday là một trong những chủ đề quen thuộc và thường xuyên xuất hiện trong bài thi IELTS Speaking. Bài viết dưới đây cung cấp cho các sĩ tử luyện thi IELTS bài mẫu và từ vựng tham khảo cho chủ đề này.
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Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking và từ vựng chủ đề Holiday

Đề số 1: Describe a holiday you would like to take in the future.

You should say:

  • When and where you would like to go

  • Who you would like to go with

  • What you would like to do on this holiday

  • Why you would like to take the holiday

Bài mẫu

I have itchy feet, so I always have a detailed plan for the next holiday trip in mind.

This time, I am going to wait for my children’s summer vacation so that I can take the whole family on a trip together. I am a family person and I love to travel with my loved ones. And, you know, summer won’t be complete without sun tan and beach snapshots. Therefore, my destination must be a seaside city and Vinh Hy bay is my ideal place. I have heard about this place a long time ago, a friend of mine highly recommended this place after her trip there. It is known for natural scenic beauty and delicious fresh seafood at an affordable price.

I was curious, but couldn’t find time to travel there due to my tight working schedule. But this summer we are going to make it. It’s only a 4-hour ride from our city to the bay, so I am going to go by bike, as if I were going backpacking. One reason luring us to this place is that it’s a pristine island, which means it won’t be crowded with tourists and the food here won’t be overpriced. Unlike other beaches which offer a variety of water sports like canoeing, scuba-diving, water-skiing and skydiving, there will not be many activities to do in Vinh Hy bay apart from sun-bathing and eating seafood. But this is going be a family time, and to me, spending time together is already enough.

In case my children get bored, so I am going to bring some family games like UNO and castle-building tools to enjoy time on the beach together. I am in dire need of this vacation as I want to escape from a stressful workload and pressure from city life for a while with my kids and my spouse. Also, I think it is a good idea to reward my children with a trip after studying hard throughout the school year

Từ vựng

  • Have itchy feet: have a desire to travel; don’t want to stay in one place.

  • Destination: a place that you want to travel to.

  • Natural scenic beauty: a beautiful landscape or view characterised by trees, flowers, hills and other natural things.

  • Pristine: picture perfect

Đề số 2: Describe a holiday or vacation you have been on.

You should say:

  • when you had it

  • where you went

  • what you did

  • and explain how you felt about it

Bài mẫu

A few months ago, I went to the South of Vietnam for a vacation with my family. It’s was to the lovely coastal city of Nha Trang, which is also a very famous tourist destination. We decided to go there by plane since it is nearly 1200 kilometres from Hanoi, and would take a long time by car or train.
I was so eager for the trip that I prepared everything such as my clothes, camera and other accessories a week in advance. It took about an hour to fly there, and luckily, the flight took off on time. The trip began with an incredible view from the airplane window and I can still remember being quite overwhelmed by the beauty of my city from above and the amazing sunset.

The time we spent in Nha Trang was a blast. We got to try out so many new things such as skydiving, surfing, and diving to see the coral reef. This place has one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam with deep blue water and pearly-white sand. Also, the food there was so unique and delicious. I think the most memorable moment of that trip though was definitely when we bought fresh ingredients from a local market and grilled them by the beach. Sitting there by the fire on a breezy night with the delicious smell freshly barbequed fish was an amazing experience.

The trip to Nha Trang really was the holiday of a lifetime. We had a lot of fun and got to see a lot of spectacular scenery. We definitely enjoyed it and we will definitely go there again if we have a

Từ vựng

  • coastal city: a city that is located along the coast or near the ocean

  • in advance: before it happens

  • on time: to happen at the expected time

  • incredible: amazing or hard to believe

  • overwhelmed: to feel a sudden strong emotion

  • a blast: a good time

  • skydiving – jumping from an airplane and landing with a parachute

  • unique – one of a kind

  • breezy – a little windy

  • spectacular – very exciting or interesting

Tham khảo thêm các bài mẫu Speaking Part 1

Chủ đề Holiday

Are there a lot of holidays in Vietnam?

Let me see…quite a lot. I mean, there’re holidays almost every month, and sometimes these holidays are to celebrate the most ridiculous things. But I’m fine with that, you know, I have more days off from work!

What do Vietnamese people like to do during their holidays?

I think most Vietnamese people want to stay at home to relax and recover from their busy schedules at work and school. I also notice that some families in the city often go on a picnic during these days.

Từ vựng

  • ridiculous: nực cười, vô lí

Chủ đề Festival

What is your favorite festival?

I have to say, Mid-Autumn Festival would be my favourite festival. Like the name suggests, this festival takes place in the middle of Autumn, which is August 15th according to the Lunar Calendar. I love all the special treats during this holiday, especially moon cakes.

What is the most popular Vietnamese festival?

Well, the most popular Festival in Vietnam is the Lunar New Year Festival. It’s the time for family reunions as people who work far away from home can get to spend some valuable time with their loved ones after a long year of being separated.

Do you like western festivals?

Honestly, I only know a little about western festivals, but I guess the one I find most interesting would be Halloween. You know, it’s just a lot of fun to see people dressing up in many different creative costumes. If I had a chance, I would definitely want to celebrate it in other countries to see what it’s like.

Từ vựng

  • Takes place: diễn ra

  • Family reunion: buổi sum họp gia đình

  • Valuable time: khoảng thời gian quý giá

  • Dressing up: hoá trang

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