IELTS Speaking Sample Band 8: Chủ đề Place và Từ vựng

Chủ đề Place là một trong những chủ để thường gặp trong IELTS Speaking part 2. Bài viết dưới đây tổng hợp một số IELTS Speaking sample chủ đề place có kèm theo từ vựng
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ielts speaking sample band 8 chu de place va tu vung


Describe a city or country you want to live the most in the future.

You should say:

  • What city it is:…

  • Where it is located:…

  • Why you like it:..

IELTS Speaking Sample Band 8

I would like to tell you about Tokyo, the city I want to live in the most in the future.  It is the capital city of Japan and is the most populous metropolitan area in the world.

The most important reason I wish to settle down in Tokyo is the co-existence of modern and traditional values. It’s the kind of city where the red gates of a centuries-old Shinto shrine may well be found just next door to a glass skyscraper showcasing the finest 21st century technology. Or where a quiet green lane lined with wooden low-rise houses and an old school tofu shop might sit just a short stroll from a neon-lit square packed with flickering billboards and rainbow-bright street fashion.

The hectic life in Tokyo is also an irresistible attraction for young people. Tokyo’s railway system seems like it was designed to win world records. It’s rare to find a location in the metropolitan area that can’t be reached with a train ride and a short walk. It is also common knowledge that you could spend hours drooling over the elaborate pastries and picture-perfect sushi rolls in a department store.

I feel that the city is moving toward the future. I believe Tokyo will become a city that is full of surprises.

IELTS Speaking Sample Chủ đề place: Từ vựng

  • metropolitan: connected with a large or capital city

  • settle down: start to have a quieter way of life

  • co-existence: the state of being together in the same place at the same time

  • shrine: a place where people come to worship

  • showcase: present

  • a short stroll from: not far from

  • flicker: keep going on and off as it shines or burns

  • hectic: full of activity

  • irresistible: cannot be stopped or resisted

  • drool: let saliva come out of your mouth

  • elaborate: carefully prepared

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Describe a place you visited that has been affected by pollution

You should say:

  • Where it is

  • When you visited this place

  • What kinds of pollution you saw there And explain how this place was affected

IELTS Speaking sample band 8

Well, if I have to talk about a polluted place I’ve been to, it would be Ho Chi Minh City. It’s located in the Southern part of Vietnam.

I’ve been living here for around 2 years. When I first came here, I was so surprised how polluted the city is. It’s so different from my hometown which is a green and clean rural area. There are many kinds of pollution here: air pollution, water pollution and even noise pollution. There are so many vehicles on the streets and they make noises and emit fumes all the time. It was especially terrible travelling on the street during peak hours. Besides, it’s easy to see trash in rivers and lakes because some people just throw their waste into these community water sources without any awareness of the damage to the surrounding environment. It’s even worse that some factories also dump dirty water and other waste directly into rivers so many of them are black and smelly. I think the pollution affects people’s lives in a negative way.

Air pollution can cause serious respiratory diseases such as asthma or lung cancer. Water is polluted so people may face water scarcity in the future and the noise can drive people crazy because it’s really annoying and distracting. Many animals living in water are also affected, too. They are losing their habitats or food source since the water is contaminated. Some of them may become extinct if we do not take action now. I hope the government will have some kinds of campaigns or TV shows to raise people’s awareness of protecting the environment and plant more trees in the city to improve air quality.

Từ vựng trong IELTS Speaking Sample chủ đề place:

  • Noise pollution: Ô nhiễm tiếng ồn

  • Emit fumes: Xả khói

  • Peak hours: Giờ cao điểm

  • Community water source: Nguồn nước công cộng

  • Dump dirty water: Xả nước bẩn

  • Respiratory disease: Bệnh về đường hô hấp

  • Asthma: Hen suyễn

  • Lung cancer: Ung thư phổi

  • Water scarcity: Sự thiếu hụt nước

  • Drive someone crazy: Khiến ai đó phát điên

  • Take action: Hành động (để giải quyết vấn đề)

  • Improve air quality: Cải thiện chất lượng không khí

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Describe a country you would like to visit

Hoc tu vung chu de tu bai mau ielts speaking part 2 - Describe a trip to country sideHoc tu vung chu de tu bai mau ielts speaking part 2 – Describe a trip to country side

I would like to describe Japan, which was one of the most wonderful countries I have been to and I would like to visit it again. To the best of my recollection, when I was a sophomore, my university held a student exchange program with the University of Tokyo.

I must admit that I have always been a fan of Japanese culture and cuisine, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to set foot on this dream land. Thankfully my application was accepted and I was on a flight to Tokyo not long after. At first I was under the impression that Japan would be a busy and crowded country with a lot of people and vehicles. However, to my surprise this nation maintains a harmony between traditional values and modern features. So ,this trip was memorable to me for many reasons.

First, I had a chance to see the stunning night streets of Tokyo with my own eyes. It was quite bustling but in a very romantic and nostalgic way, like with a 90s vibe that’s hard to put into words.

Another reason that I really like that trip is that Japan is quite a civilized country in every sense of the world, no one litter on the street even though there weren’t many garbage bins. The city was spotless, which was quite different compared to my own country.

Last but not least, Japan offers a diversity of cultural experiences. I could learn a lot about animation and comics by visiting festivals as well as immerse myself in the traditional Japanese way of life, learn how to make tea and enjoy sushi which was quite scrumptious. The people here rarely spoke English so I didn’t have a chance to communicate with them.

However, they still treated me with a lot of kindness and warmth so I never felt unwelcome during my stay in the Land of the rising Sun. If I have a chance, I will definitely go to Japan again and stay there for a long time to take in all that this country has to offer.

  • Student exchange program: chương trình trao đổi du học sinh

  • Cuisine: ẩm thực

  • Harmony: sự hòa hợp

  • Nostalgic: sự hoài niệm

  • Spotless: sạch không tì vết

  • Scrumptious: ngon lành

  • Take in all that this country has to offer: tận hưởng mọi thứ mà đất nước này đem lại

By ZIM Academic English School

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