Tổng hợp các từ nối trong Essay trong IELTS Writing Task 2

Trong IELTS Writing, các từ nối trong essay có vai trò quan trọng trong việc diễn đạt câu văn sao cho mạch lạc, trôi chảy và tự nhiên nhất. Từ nối không chỉ cần thiết trong các bài IELTS Writing task 1 mà cũng cần được chú trọng trong các bài IELTS Writing Task 2. 
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Tác giả


Các từ nối trong Essay Writing Task 2

  • In my opinion……

  • As far as I am concerned…..

  • My opinion is that…..

  • In my view…..

  • I believe…..

  • Apparently…..

  • Personally 

  • According to me…..

  • From my point of view…..

  • From my perspective…..

  • To my way of thinking…..

  • It seems to me that…..

  • It appears that…..

  • I feel that…..

  • I understand…..

  • I suppose…..

Ví dụ:

It is generally believed that children nowadays are granted more freedom than those in the past.

From my perspective, the drawbacks of this trend totally overshadow its merits.

Personally, I believe that this can have a number of detrimental impacts on young people and the society they live in.

Các từ nối được sử dụng trong phần phát triển Idea

– Idea 1

  • It is true that…..

  • First of all…..

  • Firstly…..

  • Initially…..

  • To begin with…..

  • To start with…..

  • In the first place…..

  • Though it is true that…..

  • Some people believe that…..

  • Many people think that…..

  • According to many…..

  • Some people believe that…..

  • Many support the view that…..

  • On the one hand…..

– Ví dụ:

To begin with, private healthcare insurance is very costly and many people simply cannot afford it

It is true that most individuals, especially teenagers, often use informal language with several emoticons when communicating on social networking. 

Firstly, students who study online do not develop comprehensively in the way that other students who attend classes at school do

Initially, students choose the environment where they can best cultivate their skills and abilities.

– Idea 2 &3 & 4,…

  • Secondly…..

  • Thirdly…..

  • Additionally…..

  • After that…..

  • More importantly…..

  • Besides…..

  • Likewise…..

  • In addition…..

  • Consequently….

Ví dụ:

– Additionally, this solution could easily trigger social disagreement and resentment

– In addition to this, the disposal of waste, especially plastic waste which emits toxic fumes if burned, should be closely regulated and monitored

– Consequently, their ability to read and write in situations that require formality is greatly reduced.

Những từ nối trong phần kết luận

  • In conclusion…..

  • In summary…..

  • To conclude with…..

  • In general…..

  • To summarize…..

  • In short…..

  • Finally

  • To my view

Ví dụ: 

– In conclusion, although social media has brought some benefits for society, the drawbacks of overusing such advanced technology to replace real-life communication is much more significant.

– Finally, the figures for both genders in the 40-45 age group remained relatively unchanged over the examined period.

– To conclude, the workplace can definitely bring many great social opportunities. The public therefore should start to consider companies and corporations more than just places to make a living.

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