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Đặng Nguyệt Hà18/11/2022
Chữa writing task 2

Mình đang tập làm writing task 2, mong được thầy cô và mn góp ý ạ. M cảm ơn mn nhiều ạ!

  1. The use of social media is replacing face-to-face interaction among many people in society. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages

In the modern world, people tend to use social media for several functions, meaning less direct communication with each other. Although this situation brings a lot of benefits to our daily life, I still believe the drawbacks will outweigh the advantages in the long term.

On the positive side, social networks are a useful way to connect people all around the world. Firstly, If you live far from your friends and you are not likely to travel a long distance to meet them, the Internet will be an effective way for you to communicate with them regardless of  the physical distance or the time zone. Secondly, with the development of social networking platforms, people can work remotely in some special situations. For example, in the Covid-19 pandemic, people needed to work from home due to the virus spreading via breathing. As a consequence, the only way for people to adapt to this hard condition was working and communicating with coworkers via online software.

However, we need to worry about the disadvantages of social media while it replaces face-to-face interaction in the long run. In fact, children are the group that can be harmful if they use social media inappropriately. For instance, there are a lot of toxic contents that appear on the internet everyday which we can not control. If children are exposed to these abusive content, they will be able to have incorrect knowledge and they might imitate some bad habits such as swearing. Nevertheless, overusing social media to communicate may lead to the loss of real-life relationships. For example, many people prefer spending time chatting on the Internet than connecting directly with others. This may result in isolation, loneliness and several mental health problems. 

In conclusion, although social media is the great development of this era, we need to balance between the virtual world and our daily life. Personally, I still believe that the merits it brings are not worth the price we need to pay in the future.

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