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Hoang An Nguyen15/07/2024

 Without capital punishment our lives are
less secure and crimes or violence increase. To what extent do you agree or
disagree with this opinion?   

 It is undeniable that capital punishment plays an
indispensable role in deterring people. However, there are several alternatives
for reducing crime rate.  

On the one hand, death penalty is known as the highest
punishment in the legal system. In fact, many people have no respect for the
justice system, hence, they will commit crimes more frequently than ever,
leading to the chaotic in societies. When the governments and authorities put
capital punishment on the public, this policy not only reducing high-profile
criminal cases but also making citizens have better consciousness of complying
with the legislation. In this way, the likelihood of recidivism would be
minimized effectively, which is a crucial part in ensuring social security and
contributing to societal development as well. According to the recent reports
of police stations of Viet Nam, after applying this punishment on all of
crimes, the rate of criminals experienced a decline trend from 66% in 2022 to
43% in 2023. Thanks to this stricter policy, our lives are guaranteed better.  

On the other hand, instead of applying capital punishment, the
authorities and lawmakers should fine crimes base on their level  of commitment. There are various human
solutions for different levels of crime. If they commit misdemeanors such as
theft, vandalism and disorderly behaviors, they should be moved to the
correction center where the polices redirect them to a constructive path. Take
an example of some people living in impoverish countries, due to craving for
quick money, they have a tendency to engage in criminal activities such as
theft or drug trafficking in order to achieve financial stability without
considering the negative result. To tackle this problem, the politicians should
provide vocational guidance and psychological support as the moral compass to
lead all of citizens to conduct moral acts.  

In conclusion, the capital punishment is not only way
to handle the increasing rate of crimes, instead, I firmly believed that humane
measures could be more efficient in this aspect.   

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Nguyễn Thị Thuỳ Dương13/07/2024
Ngữ pháp
Em muốn hỏi câu" Her hugs wipe away when she's been bad" . Trong câu trên thì tại sao lại là " is been bad" vậy ạ, nó thuộc cấu trúc ngữ pháp nào ạ. Em cảm ơn ạ!
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Nguyễn Thị Đoan Trang09/07/2024
Sách ebook

Cho em hỏi nhận sách ebook như thế nào ạ

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Nguyễn Thảo Trinh03/07/2024
Nhờ mọi người chấm giúp mình ạ "While some people think the function of music is to reduce stress, others believe that it is a good way of bringing people of different cultures together. Discuss both views and give your opinion."

Many people associate music with mental therapies to diminish stress, while others consider it as a method of bridging cultural gaps. Although recreational aim of music is undeniable, we can not neglect their cultural function.

To begin with, listening to music is a ubiquitous method to relieve stress. The catchy tunes and sometimes hilarious lyrics can improve individuals' negative emotions. As a result, music has been used as sound healing in different spas. Music, in conjunction with other treatments, can create calming environment and allow customers to unconsciously experience the comfort and tranquility the spas offer. In addition, current music is developed into diverse genres and alluring performances, which can adapt to varied tastes of audiences and consequently, attract large number of fans purely for entertainment.

However, music also plays an important role in cultural development both domestically and exotically. Regard traditional values, music can convey meaningful messages such as patriotism or sympathy to different generations and reinforce countries' indentities, Moreover, when traditional cores are preserved, music will help to expose these core values to foreign cultures and therefore, break cultural barriers among nations. For example, Quan Ho - a type of Vietnamese traditional folk song, can easily arouse overseas visitors' curiosity and make them eager to find out more about the rich Vietnamese culture. By this way, music can serve as a powerful tool of connecting and uniting individuals with the same interests.

In conclusion, music is necessary treatment for mental well-being. But above this ordinary function, it is even more important for people to consider music an essential factor in developing and nourishing cross-cultural understanding as well as fostering global connections.

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05-Nguyễn Phạm An Bình-7.203/07/2024
Bài luận Ielts: Task 2

Thầy cô sửa giúp em bài luận này với ạ.

Đề: In their advertising, businesses nowadays usually emphasise that their products are new in some way. Why is this? Do you think it is a positive or negative development? Write at least 250 words.

In recent years, companies have a tendency to focus on the innovativeness of products in advertisements. Personally, I believe that pressure in the market is one of the main factors for this trend and despite being a popular approach among businesses, it isn't particularly positive.

There could be a long list of reasons explaining why companies over-advertise their products. Fierce competition is among one of the key factors. When production becomes more and more efficient, the market in many industries, especially goods, can be filled with millions of high-quality products for sale. Therefore, if manufacturers wish to strive in the market, they need to promote their products as something unusual, in order to attract attention. Take Apple for example. This mobile-tech giant releases a new brand almost annually, but not many novelties can be found. Many argue about this problem, yet the method still attracts thousands of consumers to own an Iphone every year.

Judged from a balanced viewpoint, the mentioned marketing solutions have its own pros and cons. To begin with, it helps consumers to be better aware of the difference in a product, thereby assisting them in selecting the product that provides their needs. However, issues can arise if companies choose to promote their goods unpractically. This leads to false advertising, which is hard to substantiate. In order to attract customers, it is far from rare for businesses to make bold or exaggerated claims regarding their products. One example is in the cosmetic industry, where beauty products tend to be promoted as having anti-aging qualities, even when the research on that quality is limited. This is when consumers, mostly gullible ones, spend their hard-earned money on these products just to end up being disappointed. If this malpractice continues, consumers' trust in businesses will devaluate, and whatever messages they deliver won't have the same impact as before.

Overall, many manufacturers are currently concentrating on providing a new experience to their customers through new products. While this helps the product to stand out, the trend would only be beneficial if companies can fulfill their claims; if not, it'd be no more than unrealistic lies that end up causing damage to people's trust.

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Oanh Trương Nguyễn Kiều02/07/2024

'the elegant Opera House" dạ em muốn hỏi nếu dịch cụm trên thì từ "elegant" dịch như nào là đúng nhất vậy ạ

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hoang nguyen27/05/2024

Nhờ mọi người chấm giúp em bài viết này với ạ

đề: Many people prefer to watch foreign films rather than locally produced films.
Why could this be? Should governments give more financial support to local film industries?

Overseas films are received preference rather than local films when it comes to people's movie hobby. There are some primary reasons for this trend. To tackle this problem government should spend more subsidies on developing local film industries.
There are several reasons for those tending to watch foreign films, which are produced overseas. They have an elaborate investment in the whole process, therefore they are almost perfect with a range of factors like professional actors, high technology with real images, and lively background. For example, In Vietnam, people preferred watching 'Avatar' - an overseas movie to “Bogia” - a local movie, when they were released at the same time. To extend that, because of the enormous amount of filmmaking budget, 'avatar' is perfectly finalized with an attractive screenplay, vivid images, and professional actors. This easily impressed the watcher with magnificent scenes. As a result, 'Avatar' apparently became a leading film during that time. By contrast, “Bogia” film had worsened results, and few people were ready to spend their money on enjoying it. Due to its low budget, filmmakers had to minimize expenses sensibly, hence 'Bogia' which was produced with sketchy sets and amateur actors, couldn’t meet the audience’s expectations. To solve this issue and boost the local film industries, the government and relevant organizations play key role in it. Financial support from the government should be launched to film crew, so, they can improve high devices and advanced technologies that are used in creating backgrounds, and enhance their film equipment such as high-quality cameras, sets of lights, recording devices, etc. These film tools contribute to making clarity images and lively movement on the screen. Furthermore, Actors are also pivotal factor which create gripping movies. Therefore, the government should spend their budget on arts and educational organizations. These places would serve the purpose of nurturing talents as well as facilitating an environment for those who could develop their maximum abilities.
In conclusion, there are various factors leading to the preference for foreign films rather than local films, and the government should give financial assistance to local film screw so that they can attract a lot of people.

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Bùi Thị Phượng22/05/2024
IELTS Writing task 1: The table below shows the consumption of three basic food, rice, wheat, and maize, by people in four different countries.

 The table gives a break down of food usage for three kinds of food in four distinct nations Cambodia, Poland, Egypt and Mexico.  

Overall, Egyptians consume the highest food in all these countries. Additionally, while people residing in Cambodia like eating rice, the reverse was true for maize in Poland. 

Turning to rice, the figure for using rice in Cambodia is the highest at 1145 calories, which is double that in Egypt. Meanwhile, the amount of calories of Mexican account for 57 calories a day, compared to 19% in Poland. In terms of maize, 1080 calories on a daily basis is consumed in Mexico, which is ten times higher than that of Cambodia (at 103 calories). In the same time, the figure for using maize in Egypt is significant higher than that of in Poland, with respective figures being at nearly 580 calories and 0 calories which hit the bottom of consumption in three foods. Regarding wheat, Egyptians have the highest intake of calories of all four countries at 1095, the amount of this food in Cambodia just merely constitutes for 18 calories which is the slowest among all countries listed. The figure for consumption this food in Poland is approximately 870 calories per day, whereas this food stands at 275 calories in Mexico. 


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Veroni Id16/05/2024
Nhờ mn chấm giúp em 2 bài writing task 1 dạng map, bọn em thi tháng 7 thì với cách viết hiện tại liệu có 7.0 writing nổi ko ạa

Bài 1:

The given maps detail the current layout of an office building and some proposed changes for its renovation.

Looking at an overall perspective, the future plan will entail major changes regarding the current grass area and office amenities, including more seating spaces and the expansion and relocation of the four offices.

Currently, the main building is flanked by two grass areas. With the proposed redevelopment, these places will be repurposed as an outdoor seating area on the west and a meeting area on the east. The existing WCs will be moved to the northeast corner of the building, accompanied by a coffee machine to further enhance convenience.

While the main corridor will remain largely the same, the four office rooms will be rearranged into two expanded office rooms on the southern part and replace the kitchen and the canteen on the northern side. Following the relocation of the offices, the front entranceway will also be adjusted to the center, facilitating the accessibility of this area. However, the storeroom will still remain.

Bài 2:

The maps illustrate some future changes that are proposed for an office building.

Launching into the depiction presented, it becomes evident that the proposed changes will entail the restructuring of offices in the center of the building, accompanied by the addition of outdoor seating and meeting areas.

Looking at the layout of the building as it is now, it can be noted that the main entrance is placed on the right-hand side. The doorway leads to a central corridor flanked by the kitchen, canteen, storeroom and toilet room on one side and four offices on the other. Next in line are the surrounding sectors on both sides of the building, characterized by outdoor grassy areas.

The second map depicts the planned reconfiguration of this existing space. For better accessibility, visitors to the office building will now enter through a new entrance in the center of the building, in between two main offices. Additionally, while the central corridor remains, the current kitchen and canteen are now removed to make way for new office areas. The existing WCs are also moved to the grass area and expanded to incorporate a coffee machine. An outdoor seating area with chairs is introduced on the left side to create a relaxing space for employees. As for the right side of the building, the current empty spaces will be replaced by a large meeting area to further enhance collaboration in the workplace.

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Võ Hồng Thi11/05/2024
ebook ielts

Mình đặt ebook đã thanh toán nhưng vẫn chưa gửi về gmail cho mình là sao ạ

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