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Vũ Thị Cẩm Đào19/01/2023
nghĩa của từ
mình đọc sách adv reading Zim có phần lesson 3 - từ making coóniderable springs là gì mình ko hiểu, thầy Cô biết từ này là nghĩa gì ko Thầy Cô ơi

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Minh Nguyen18/01/2023
Giải đáp thắc mắc

Em thi thử online, lúc làm phần Writing có phân chia đoạn rồi mà lúc xem lại nó bị gộp thành một bài văn dài. Như vậy có ảnh hưởng đến điểm thi không ạ? Em cảm ơn.

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Hồ Như Ngọc17/01/2023
For a long time art has been considered an essential part of all cultures in the world. However, nowadays people’s values have changed, and we tend to consider science, technology and business more important than arts. What do you think are the causes of this? What can be done to draw people’s attention to art?

Art has played a crucial role in enriching cultures all over the globe since the beginning of mankind. However, the current perspectives on art’s value are underrated while science, technology, and business are considered priorities. This essay will discuss why people focus more on production efficiency and business start-up than art. This essay will also suggest solutions, including raising salaries for art industry workers and seeking potential artists.

As the world's population grows, so does the demand for goods and services. Due to resource scarcity, advanced technology is necessary for efficient production, in which extra merchandise is made while the quantity supplied remains the same. Aside from that, new business ventures promote increased exchange of goods and services, thereby boosting economic growth in response to rising demand. For instance, automatic watering machines with higher productivity for crops have been introduced to replace human workers.

Raising wages for art industry workers and identifying potential artists, on the other hand, could be solutions to the degradation of art activities. The government can encourage training to raise the value of the artwork of artists, thereby enhancing performance and salaries for those working in the art industry. Furthermore, potential artists usually discover their talents in early life, and teachers' encouragement will boost their confidence and ambition to pursue art. For instance, introducing art competitions in school will give those who love art opportunities to show up.

In conclusion, the current downtrend of art and the prioritization of business, technology, and science activities depreciate the value of the arts. This essay explained production efficiency and business start-up as a result of growing demand. This essay also recommended raising salaries for art industry workers and finding potential artists in school.

284 words 

Nhờ thầy cô sửa và chấm band giúp em ạ! Em cảm ơn

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Yes HomeClass10/01/2023
Thanh toán Thi thử rắc rối quá

Mình đăng ký cho cháu thi, mà gặp trục trặc như sau:

Vào đơn hàng thì web ghi bị hủy. Đăng ký lại thì web bảo đã đăng ký rồi, phải vào đơn hàng để đăng ký, vòng vòng không biết thanh toán chỗ nào

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Phạm Quỳnh Trang01/01/2023
Nhờ mọi chữa xem, nhận xét và đánh giá em ở band nào với ạ

Đề: The chart shows requests for information at a tourist office in the UK from January to June.

Bài làm:
The given line graph compares the number of requests for contact with travelers by three specific forms at a bureau of tourism in the UK between January and June.

From an overall perspective, it is evident that demands to communicate face-to-face and by telephone showed an upward trend, whereas a sharp decrease could be observed in the quantity of interactions via message or email over the period shown.

In January, calls accounted for the highest number of demands for travelers' information, with about 900 inquiries. The figure for writing a letter or sending an email was slightly slower, at roughly 770. In contrast, the graph also indicates clearly that in-person requests were by far the least frequent, with around 440 inquiries at the beginning of the duration.

However, from March to then, there was a dramatic increase in face-to-face interaction, reaching a record high of 1,900 in June, and it became the most frequent. The figure for telephoning contacts in March and April is equal, at exactly 1,000 inquiries. It then continued to rise, culminating at 1600 in the final month. The plunge via message or email was constantly occurring over the next few months, and there were only 300 inquiries at the end of the period.

#ielts#writing task 1
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Tùng Vui Vẻ28/12/2022
Đổi hình thức thi

Em có đăng kí thi online vào 9-1-2023, giờ em muốn đổi hình thức thi trên giấy và chọn lại ngày thi khác được không ạ? Mong các anh chị giúp đỡ ạ.

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Lương Minh Tuấn25/12/2022
IELTS Writing , chấm bài

Some people think that governments should ban dangerous sports, while others think people should have freedom to do any sports or activity. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. 

Bài làm
There are various opinions about restricting dangerous sports or not.It is undeniable that dangerous sports contain some certain risk;however,sports are mostly for recreational purpose and we should not put any serious comment on them.That is the reason why i utterly oppose to ban those dangerous sports.


Many support the view that extreme sports should be made illegal.In fact,these sports are exceedingly risky which could lead several unwanted consequences.As an evidence, many athletes who involved in sports such as skateboarding or climbing have been suffered from severe injuries which could lead to lifelong handicapped.Many accidents are found in terms of dangerous sports and government shoud take actions to address this issue.


Nevertheless, i believe that people can make the best use of their abilities when playing the sports that they have passion for.This means that they always have the excitement for the sports and without getting bored easily.In the long run,when they have enough experiences,they could totally avoid the percentage of getting injuries .Besides,protective equipment is a powerful tool as well .As a result,preventing injuries are totally under control and the most important one is that people should play whatever they want.

<Các thầy cô chấm giúp em với ạ,sửa chi chít bài luôn cũng được ạ.EM cảm ơn>


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thi thử

17/12 em thi tại cơ sở Đống Đa, cơ sở vật chất rất ok, đặc biệt các chị nhân viên rất nice và nhiệt tình nên mới đầu vô không bị ngộp.

Về phần đề thi, đề listening 3 part đầu làm ok mà đến part 4 là tạch:), may phòng thi rất yên tĩnh, tai nghe rõ ràng và không có tạp âm. Đề reading hên xui, form đề quen thuộc nma vốn từ yếu kém nên làm không tốt lắm. Writting tuyệt vọng. May cứu vớt đc phần speaking, chị test speaking cho em buổi chiều max thân thiện và feedback rất tận tâm, trong quá trình nói bị bí ý tưởng, bí từ rồi dừng liên tục mà chị vẫn kiên nhẫn đợi em, accent của chị cũng hay nữa. Chắc chắn sẽ quay lại Zim thi thử dài dài

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Đỗ Thị Hằng17/12/2022
The benifits of public transports

 It is undeniable that the development of infrastructure
leads to increase in the number of vehicles, including public transports.
Nowadays, the government is making effort to stimulate the using public
transportation instead of private means to make use of the most benefits public
transports bring, especially when we are facing a lot of social and
environmental problems. 

 First of all, using public transport plays a vital role in preserving environment. The
amount of emission from vehicles which is main factor causes air pollution can
be decreased as people change how they commute from private to public
transports. Particularly, the more people join public traffic, the less private
means on the road. Thus, there is less gas or contamination released so the air
pollution is also improved. Therefore, the quality of air can be improved a
lot. Also, less vehicles on the road that means less sound pollution and
traffic congestion can be decreased significantly. Hence, people can be
comfortable as joining traffic. 

 In social perspective, using transportation is good measure to deal with some
problems. It can decrease the rate of accident. Actually, we are not always so
alert and so powerful. After working hours or a sleepless night, people can be
drowsiness that is a factor which can increase the likelihood of accident while
driving. This is not popular as using public transportation. According to the
statistic of New York Times, it was found that the rate of accident caused by private means was three times higher than by public transport in the year 2020. So, it can be said that public transport is safe traffic solution. In addition, to operating public
transport system need a huge number of staff. Hence, people can get higher job
opportunity and then they can increase their own income and unemployment is
also solved. 

 For individual, public transports is an economical commute method. In fact, the
expense of using public transports is cheaper than private means a lot.
Particularly, it is 7000 VND per bus ticket and from 8000 to 15000 VND for an
express train ticket. Thus, public transports is suitable for everyone,
especially for people who have low-income. Furthermore, when people use public
transports, they do not have to worry about finding a parking place and pay for
parking fee. Also, public transports also help people improve their health.
Nowadays, people are not often to do exercises, meanwhile, using public
transport requires people go for walk to transshipment point as station or bus
stop. By this way, people’s health is better.  

 Conclusion, it can be said that public transports plays an important role in the sustainable development. Both the government and people should have some solution to make use of the above benefits.  





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Trần Duy Gia Hân14/12/2022
Nhờ thầy/cô nhận xét bài writing task 2 này của em với ạ.

It is responsibility of the government to properly fund medical research to keep their people healthy. Do you agree or disagree?

Some people believe that the gorvernment has the responsibility to invest medical development to keep citizens more healthier. From my perspective, while I accept with this statement, I also believe that they should focus on other fields like infrastructure or education.

To begin with, there are several reasons why the government should properly fund medical research. First, health is one of the most important issues. This is because if people are not take care of when they are ill, their illness can be become worse or in some serious cases, they may die. Therefore, this can lead to a increase in death rate in a nation. Moreover, this fund can also contribute to medical revolution. For instance, thanks to investment of the state in medical facilities, scientists can explore what chemical composition can treat cancer. Thus, the more monney the government spends on this sector, the more life they save.

However, the government should also pay more attention on others social demands. First, they ought to care about education. This is because education has a vital role to widen resident's knowledge as well as provide them an indept-understanding to perfect them, so people can dedicate their country to help next genderation have a better life. Besides, infrastructure also has a special position which is cared a lot. For example, the population growth can lead to lacking of school, hospital and acommodation. As a result, a timely support from state on construction sector can serve citizen's life more effectively.

In conclusion, I believe that while the government just properly fund medical studies, they also has a responsibility to invest on other fields to ensure people have a good life.

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