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Nguyễn Quỳnh Thư27/02/2024
What would your dream job be? (teacher)
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ad ơi không xem được cuốn speaking review vol 5
không xem được speaking review vol 5

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Vân Anh Nguyễn Thị11/01/2024

 Describe a restaurant that you like to use.  

You should say 

- where this restaurant is 

- what kind of food it serves 

- how often you go there and
say why you like eating there so much 

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Chau Bao10/01/2024

Em sắp thi rồi nên lo quá ạ. Mong thầy/cô xem qua giúp em xem viết vậy đã ổn chưa. Em cảm ơn rất nhiều !!!

The bar chart illustrates the rate of health totals spending of GDP for twelve European countries in the three year 2002, 2007 and 2012.
Overall, the rate of spended money in medical care are fairly similar over three period. In addition, the figure of Belgium, estonia, spain and switzerland remain unchanged for all three period.
In 2002,Swizerland reached the highest rate compared to other countries with 11 percent.The second highest figure was Belgium, france and netherland with 10 percent  In 2007, France with Stizerland leading in the figure with 11 percent of GDP.In 2012, denmark and norway catch up with belgium to be the country had second highest rate in spending compared to the figure in 2007.  The country that had the lowest heallth expenditure as percentage of gross domestic product was Estonia. Furthermore, Estonia althought not the country that spended the least amount of money but maintain spended the lowest percentage through all three period. 

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mọi người chữa bài giúp em với ạ!!! Sắp thi rồi em lo quá

Some people believe that unpaid community service should be a compulsory part of high school programmes (for example working for a charity, improving the neighbourhood or teaching sports to younger children). To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is a growing belief that no-payment community services should be made mandatory in high school projects. Despite public concerns centering on such practice, I am among the advocates of this school of thought for various reasons.

To commence, should participation in unpaid community service be incorporated into the core high school education, students' various qualities may be developed and polished. To clarify, by helping the society via multiple jobs such as neighborhood renovation, charitable work...., learners may obtain practical knowledge of the outside world beyond the confines of their home and acquire numerous transferable skills namely communication, teamwork, leadership... to name but a few. To exemplify, voluntary youth education facilitates participants' communicative skills and patience, both of which are valuable assets coveted by many. Additionally, students can gain insights into their potential areas of expertise with community service being part of their syllabus. Through experimenting and engaging in a range of tasks, pupils are bound to pinpoint their passions and find their calling. As a result, they have a clearer view of career paths that genuinely align with their work ethics, lifestyles and beliefs, giving them a competitive advantage careerwise in the job market.

To reiterate, from my perspective, it is indubitably evident that high schoolers will greatly benefit from unpaid community service being a mandatory subject in their curricula as it will effectively enhance their skill acquisition and development along with career-related advantages..



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Veroni Id05/01/2024

Xin nhờ thầy cô và mọi người chữa giúp em 2 đề này ạ. Đặc biệt là đề đầu tiên em không biết chia thông tin vậy ổn chưa ạ?

The picture delineates the current setup of a university’s sports center and its layout after renovations.

Overall, the complex has been dramatically altered, favoring the expansion of indoor sports facilities at the expense of its two outdoor courts.

Looking first at the current state, the sports center features a front hall with a reception. From this point, visitors can enter the seating area by the door on the right of the reception desk, while the door on the left leads to the changing room. The indoor area also houses a 25-metre swimming pool and a gym on its north side. Additionally, visitors can also engage in outdoor activities at the two courts which flank the main building.  

According to the proposal, the open-space areas will be incorporated into the main building,  allowing space for a sports shop and a cafe in the front hall, which backs onto two new changing rooms. A newly established leisure pool on the west wing may probably cater to the burgeoning demands of visitors. Notably, the former east courtyard will give place to a sports hall and two dance studios. Finally, the current facilities in the building will remain unchanged, with the exception of the gym, which will be extended eastwards towards the dance studios. 

The picture delineates the evolution of an island before and after the introduction of tourist infrastructure.

Overall, the island's landscape has been dramatically altered, favoring the expansion of residential zones at the expense of its natural ambiance.

Looking first at the architectural transformations, two new resorts now stand prominently at the island's heart, interconnected via a central reception. Additionally, there is also a newly established restaurant on the northern side that aims to meet the burgeoning demands of visiting tourists. Notably, the transformation of the western beach into a designated swimming area and the construction of a pier on the southern coastline indicate significant changes to the island's coastal features.

Transport infrastructure has also seen noteworthy upgrades. Tracks have been laid out, facilitating easier connectivity between the accommodation areas and other parts of the island. Specifically, a vehicle track has been constructed, linking the restaurant to the southernmost pier. Pedestrian access has been provided from the beach back to the western resort through a footpath. However, while the eastern accommodation is also accessible via a footpath, it remains disconnected from the vehicle track.


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Đỗ Thúy Ngân23/12/2023
Space tourism would become popular in the future. Do you agree with the writer’s views? Why/ Why not?

Em chào các anh chị ạ, em xin cấc gợi ý về bài làm cho đề bài này với ạ:

Space tourism would become popular in the future. Do you agree with the writer’s views? Why/ Why not?  

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Carolyn Carson14/12/2023
cho e hỏi là bài writing task 2 ?

cho e hỏi là bài writing task 2 e chỉ viết được 150 từ và grammar k ổn lắm thì điểm tầm bao nhiêu ạ:'))

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Ai mi nguyen Nguye14/12/2023
Thi nói tiếng anh lớp 9

Topic sentence

What its name anh share it is located

How you can hết thể đe and how long

What it is famous for anh explain the reason why you like it 


Những câu này nên trả lời làm sao hãy giúp em 

Chỉ gắn gọn thôi nó hỏi gì thì trả lời đó nhưng mà em ko biết trả lời làm sao hết cô ạ

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Hoàng Thái05/12/2023
Writting task 2

Nhờ thầy cô chấm điểm bài viết của em với ạ, gồm các tiêu chí với lại những lỗi sai luôn ạ:
Nowadays celebrities are more famous for their glamour and wealth than for their achievements, and this is a bad example for adolescents. To what extent do you agree or disagree?  
In today’s modern society, celebrities often garner more attention for their opulent
lifestyles and affluence than for their actual achievements. Young people are
negatively impacted by this inclination. While I concur with this, since
excessive displays of wealth and an emphasis primarily on materialistic goods
can produce generations without morals and values, I believe that other famous
people act as positive role models. 

On the one hand, celebrities who emphasize their wealth and luxury rather than their accomplishments can have a profoundly negative impact on young minds. Instead of inspiring adolescents through their genuine achievements, these celebrities often resort to manipulating impressionable minds with a focus on their
ostentatious lifestyles. For example, Kylie Jenner, who is famous for her
reality show, usually shows off her palatial mansion, high-profile parties, and
opulent lifestyle instead of merely acting. Thus, young people may easily get
influenced by her behavior and her rich lifestyle, which would harm them. This
fosters unrealistic expectations and values centered around materialism, which
can be detrimental to the development of a healthy and grounded perspective. 

On the other hand, it is not entirely fair to blame celebrities for setting a bad example for young people. Numerous celebrities have dedicated significant effort to
attain success, with their wealth and glamour being natural outcomes of their
accomplishments. Take athletes, for instance, who undergo rigorous training for
years and achieve victory by earning medals and trophies; they merit the
rewards of their hard work. Similarly, prosperous entrepreneurs who diligently
build successful businesses have the right to relish the wealth resulting from
their dedication. 

In conclusion, I strongly agree that the current trend of celebrities being more renowned fortheir glamour and wealth than for their actual achievements is a detrimental influence on adolescents. However, it is not the whole picture, as most
celebrities work hard to gain fame and success.   

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