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Hồ Như Ngọc02/10/2022
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Đề: The graph below shown the consumption of 3 spreads from 1981 to 2007.  

Bài làm: 

The graph compared the amount of consumption of three goods (margarine, low fat and reduced spreads, and butter) between 1981 and 2007.

Overall, butter and margarine were popular with consumers at the beginning. Nevertheless, they went down quickly while low-fat and reduced spreads experienced growth during the final years.

In 1981, margarine and butter were introduced to the market, at around 90g and just over 140g, respectively. Five years later, butter reached nearly 160g while margarine dropped to 80g. However, in 1996, only 70g of butter was bought, as opposed to the margarine figure, which didn’t shift much, at exactly 100g. As time goes by, butter and margarine have declined further, each selling about 40g to less than 60g by 2007.

Despite a late entry, low-fat and reduced spreads boosted the craze itself. The consumption of low fat and reduced spreads rapidly climbed as much as 60g within five years, reaching its peak at 80g by 2001. Yet, a slight decrease of less than 80g happened to this good in the final year of the period. 

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