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Đỗ Thị Hằng17/12/2022
The benifits of public transports

 It is undeniable that the development of infrastructure
leads to increase in the number of vehicles, including public transports.
Nowadays, the government is making effort to stimulate the using public
transportation instead of private means to make use of the most benefits public
transports bring, especially when we are facing a lot of social and
environmental problems. 

 First of all, using public transport plays a vital role in preserving environment. The
amount of emission from vehicles which is main factor causes air pollution can
be decreased as people change how they commute from private to public
transports. Particularly, the more people join public traffic, the less private
means on the road. Thus, there is less gas or contamination released so the air
pollution is also improved. Therefore, the quality of air can be improved a
lot. Also, less vehicles on the road that means less sound pollution and
traffic congestion can be decreased significantly. Hence, people can be
comfortable as joining traffic. 

 In social perspective, using transportation is good measure to deal with some
problems. It can decrease the rate of accident. Actually, we are not always so
alert and so powerful. After working hours or a sleepless night, people can be
drowsiness that is a factor which can increase the likelihood of accident while
driving. This is not popular as using public transportation. According to the
statistic of New York Times, it was found that the rate of accident caused by private means was three times higher than by public transport in the year 2020. So, it can be said that public transport is safe traffic solution. In addition, to operating public
transport system need a huge number of staff. Hence, people can get higher job
opportunity and then they can increase their own income and unemployment is
also solved. 

 For individual, public transports is an economical commute method. In fact, the
expense of using public transports is cheaper than private means a lot.
Particularly, it is 7000 VND per bus ticket and from 8000 to 15000 VND for an
express train ticket. Thus, public transports is suitable for everyone,
especially for people who have low-income. Furthermore, when people use public
transports, they do not have to worry about finding a parking place and pay for
parking fee. Also, public transports also help people improve their health.
Nowadays, people are not often to do exercises, meanwhile, using public
transport requires people go for walk to transshipment point as station or bus
stop. By this way, people’s health is better.  

 Conclusion, it can be said that public transports plays an important role in the sustainable development. Both the government and people should have some solution to make use of the above benefits.  





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