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Phạm Bảo Ngọc12/09/2022
Writing task 2

Thầy/cô có thể chữa giúp em bài này với ạ. Em cảm ơn thầy/cô nhiều ạ

In some countries, more and more adults are continuing to live with their parents even after they have completed education and found jobs. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

 It is true that adults nowadays are tend to keep living with their families despite having accomplished higher education or getting jobs. Although this phenomenon would bring both benefits and drawbacks to human life, I think the disadvantages are more significant than the advantages.

 On the one hand, spending time living with parents might help the young to make most of time to save money that might be a good factor for their future careers. For example, in lieu of spending salaries to buy a house or to pay for a car by installments, they could save that money to prepare for their marriages. Moreover, living under the same roof could make the relationships among families members become close-knit, since they have more time to confide in each other and understand others deeply.

 On the other hand, there are two main drawbacks of continuing to live with parents. Firstly, there might appear generations gap between parents and their children. Parents born in the last of twentieth century have their own perspective of views, which are usually different from their children due to the time periods, tend to force the young do as what they were used to like when they have to get married or when they have to give birth. As a result, that could lead to some agreements or unexpected serious consequences of conflicts. Secondly, adults living with parents tend to be passive, since there are no things that need to be concerned about. For instance, when the young decides to move out from their houses, they would have to consider about plenty of financial problems such as houses price or service costs that will help them to be more mature. 

 In conclusion, although there are several advantages of continuing living with parents, I would argue that the disadvantages are far greater.

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