Giải đề Cambridge IELTS 18, Test 1, Speaking Part 2 & 3

Gợi ý bài mẫu kèm phân tích từ vựng cho đề Cambridge IELTS 18, Test 1, Speaking Part 2: “Describe some food or drink that you learned to prepare”.
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giai de cambridge ielts 18 test 1 speaking part 2 3

Bài mẫu chủ đề “Describe some food or drink that you learned to prepare”

Let me share with you another amazing dish that I learned to prepare. It's none other than the classic Italian pasta dish called spaghetti carbonara!

I actually learned to make this delectable dish during my college years when I was studying abroad in Rome, Italy. Living in the heart of pasta paradise, I couldn't resist the opportunity to delve into the secrets of Italian cooking.

I learned to prepare spaghetti carbonara from an Italian friend's grandmother, who was an absolute pro in the kitchen. She graciously invited me into her cozy home and patiently walked me through the steps of creating the perfect carbonara sauce. From whisking eggs and grating fresh Parmesan cheese to sautéing crispy pancetta, it was a true culinary adventure.

Learning to prepare spaghetti carbonara filled me with excitement and curiosity. The rich aroma of sizzling pancetta and the sight of creamy sauce coming together was pure magic. I was eager to understand the traditional techniques and ingredients that make this dish so iconic in Italian cuisine.

As I followed the instructions and observed the careful balance of flavors, I felt a sense of pride in mastering each step. Tossing the al dente spaghetti in the silky sauce and garnishing with a sprinkle of black pepper, I could already anticipate the explosion of flavors awaiting my taste buds.

The moment I took my first bite of homemade spaghetti carbonara, I was overjoyed. The combination of velvety egg sauce, salty pancetta, and the subtle nuttiness of Parmesan created a symphony of taste that danced on my palate. It was a culinary triumph and an unforgettable experience.

Learning to prepare this dish allowed me to not only indulge in a delicious meal but also appreciate the artistry behind Italian cooking. It deepened my love for pasta and ignited a passion for experimenting with different flavors and cuisines.

To this day, whenever I make spaghetti carbonara, I am transported back to that cozy Roman kitchen, with the laughter and warmth of new friendships. It reminds me of the power of food to connect people and cultures.

So, learning to prepare spaghetti carbonara was an enriching and delightful journey. It brought me closer to the heart of Italian cuisine, sparked my culinary creativity, and left me with a lasting appreciation for the beauty of simple yet remarkable dishes. I can't wait to continue exploring new recipes and creating mouthwatering memories in the kitchen!

Phân tích từ vựng

  • delectable (adj): ngon lành, ngon miệng

  • the (det) heart (n) of (prep) pasta (n) paradise (n): trung tâm của thiên đường mì ống

  • to delve into (phrasal verb): đi sâu, nghiên cứu kỹ lưỡng

  • graciously (adv) invite (v): mời một cách trân trọng, lịch sự và nhã nhặn

  • patiently (adv) walked (v) me (pron) through (prep) the (det) steps (n) of (prep): một cách kiên nhẫn dẫn tôi qua các bước của

  • whisking (v) eggs (n): đánh trứng

  • sautéing (verb): xào (thức ăn)

  • culinary (adj) adventure (n)

    : cuộc phiêu lưu ẩm thực

  • rich (adj) aroma (n): hương thơm đậm đà và phong phú

  • traditional (adj) techniques (n) and (conj) ingredients (n): kỹ thuật và thành phần truyền thống

  • a (det) sense (n) of (prep) pride (n): một cảm giác tự hào

  • the (det) explosion (n) of (prep) flavors (n): sự bùng nổ của hương vị

  • subtle (adj) nuttiness (n): hương vị hạt tinh tế (vừa đủ)

  • a (det) symphony (n) of (prep) taste (n): một bản giao hưởng của hương vị

  • a (det) culinary (adj) triumph (n): một chiến thắng ẩm thực

  • indulge in (phrasal verb): tha hồ, thưởng thức

  • ignite (v) a passion (n) for (prep): khơi dậy một đam mê

  • an (det) enriching (adj) and (conj) delightful (adj) journey (n): một hành trình làm giàu và thú vị

  • sparked (v) my (possessive adj) culinary (adj) creativity (n): khơi gợi sự sáng tạo về ẩm thực của tôi

  • mouthwatering (adj): mùi ngon làm thèm rớt nước miếng

IELTS Speaking Part 3 Sample

Young people and cooking

Question 1

Oh, kids can learn to cook all sorts of things! Starting with simple stuff like scrambled eggs or toast, they can gradually move on to making sandwiches, pasta dishes, or even baking cookies and cakes. As they grow older, they can expand their skills and tackle more complex recipes like stir-fries, homemade pizzas, or even experimenting with their own unique creations.

  • gradually (adv) move on to (phrasal verb)

    : dần dần chuyển tiếp đến

  • expand (v) their (possessive adj) skills (n)

    : mở rộng kỹ năng của họ

  • tackle (v) more complex (adj) recipes (n)

    : đối mặt với các công thức nấu ăn phức tạp hơn

Question 2

Absolutely! I think it's super important for kids to learn how to cook. Not only does it teach them valuable life skills, but it also promotes independence and self-sufficiency. Plus, cooking is a great way to foster creativity, explore different flavors, and develop a healthy relationship with food. It's like a tasty journey of discovery!

  • valuable (adj) life skills (n)

    : các kỹ năng sống có giá trị

  • promotes (v) independence (n)

    : thúc đẩy sự tự lập

  • self-sufficiency (n)

    : sự tự cung tự cấp

  • foster (v) creativity (n)

    : nuôi dưỡng sự sáng tạo

Question 3

Hmm, I'd say both options have their perks. Learning to cook at home allows young people to have a hands-on experience, cooking with their parents or siblings, and learning family recipes and traditions. On the other hand, cooking classes at school can provide a structured learning environment, exposure to a variety of cuisines, and the chance to learn from professional chefs. So, a combination of both home and school cooking experiences would be the ideal recipe for success!

  • perks (n)

    : các tiện ích, những lợi ích

  • a hands-on experience (n)

    : một trải nghiệm thực hành, thực tế

  • a structured (adj) learning (n) environment (n)

    : một môi trường học tập có cấu trúc

Working as a chef

Question 1

Oh man, working as a professional chef can be an absolute roller coaster of emotions. It's a fast-paced, high-pressure environment that requires dedication, creativity, and a love for food. It can be incredibly rewarding to see people enjoying the dishes you've crafted with passion and precision. But, let's not forget the long hours, the heat of the kitchen, and the constant demand for perfection. It's definitely not for the faint of heart, but for those who thrive on the adrenaline and the joy of creating culinary masterpieces, it can be a truly enjoyable and fulfilling career.

  • an (determiner) absolute (adj) roller coaster (n) of emotions (n)

    : thực sự là một chuyến tàu lượn siêu tốc của cảm xúc

  • not for the faint (adj) of heart (n)

    : không dành cho những người yếu đuối / yếu tim

  • culinary (adj) masterpieces (n)

    : những kiệt tác ẩm thực

  • fulfilling (adj) career (n)

    : một sự nghiệp đáng làm, mang lại sự thỏa mãn và hạnh phúc

Question 2

To be a great chef, you gotta have a whole arsenal of skills! First and foremost, you need excellent culinary skills, like knife techniques, cooking methods, and flavor pairing. Time management and organizational skills are also crucial to keep the kitchen running smoothly. Creativity and the ability to think on your feet are essential when it comes to creating innovative and mouthwatering dishes. And let's not forget about the importance of teamwork and leadership, as running a kitchen requires effective communication and coordination. It's a delicious blend of technical expertise, artistic flair, and management skills.

  • a whole (adj) arsenal (n) of skills (n)

    : một kho vũ khí đầy đủ các kỹ năng

  • excellent (adj) culinary skills (n): kỹ năng nấu ăn xuất sắc

  • the ability (n) to think (v) on your feet (phrase)

    : khả năng suy nghĩ nhanh nhạy trong một tình huống thực tế

  • artistic (adj) flair (n)

    : tài năng nghệ thuật, khả năng tỏa sáng trong lĩnh vực nghệ thuật

Question 3

Oh, celebrity and TV chefs have a massive influence on what ordinary people cook. They're like the rock stars of the culinary world! From their cooking shows to their cookbooks, they introduce new recipes, cooking techniques, and flavor combinations that inspire people to step up their cooking game. They make cooking more accessible and exciting, encouraging folks to experiment with different ingredients and try out unique dishes. And let's not forget the power of social media, where celebrity chefs share their culinary adventures and connect with food enthusiasts worldwide. They definitely have a tasty impact on what ends up on our plates!

  • step up (v) their cooking game (phrase): nâng cao kỹ năng nấu ăn của họ

  • food (n) enthusiasts (n): những người đam mê thức ăn

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