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Veroni Id05/01/2024

Xin nhờ thầy cô và mọi người chữa giúp em 2 đề này ạ. Đặc biệt là đề đầu tiên em không biết chia thông tin vậy ổn chưa ạ?

The picture delineates the current setup of a university’s sports center and its layout after renovations.

Overall, the complex has been dramatically altered, favoring the expansion of indoor sports facilities at the expense of its two outdoor courts.

Looking first at the current state, the sports center features a front hall with a reception. From this point, visitors can enter the seating area by the door on the right of the reception desk, while the door on the left leads to the changing room. The indoor area also houses a 25-metre swimming pool and a gym on its north side. Additionally, visitors can also engage in outdoor activities at the two courts which flank the main building.  

According to the proposal, the open-space areas will be incorporated into the main building,  allowing space for a sports shop and a cafe in the front hall, which backs onto two new changing rooms. A newly established leisure pool on the west wing may probably cater to the burgeoning demands of visitors. Notably, the former east courtyard will give place to a sports hall and two dance studios. Finally, the current facilities in the building will remain unchanged, with the exception of the gym, which will be extended eastwards towards the dance studios. 

The picture delineates the evolution of an island before and after the introduction of tourist infrastructure.

Overall, the island's landscape has been dramatically altered, favoring the expansion of residential zones at the expense of its natural ambiance.

Looking first at the architectural transformations, two new resorts now stand prominently at the island's heart, interconnected via a central reception. Additionally, there is also a newly established restaurant on the northern side that aims to meet the burgeoning demands of visiting tourists. Notably, the transformation of the western beach into a designated swimming area and the construction of a pier on the southern coastline indicate significant changes to the island's coastal features.

Transport infrastructure has also seen noteworthy upgrades. Tracks have been laid out, facilitating easier connectivity between the accommodation areas and other parts of the island. Specifically, a vehicle track has been constructed, linking the restaurant to the southernmost pier. Pedestrian access has been provided from the beach back to the western resort through a footpath. However, while the eastern accommodation is also accessible via a footpath, it remains disconnected from the vehicle track.


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