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Phạm Quỳnh Trang01/01/2023
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Đề: The chart shows requests for information at a tourist office in the UK from January to June.

Bài làm:
The given line graph compares the number of requests for contact with travelers by three specific forms at a bureau of tourism in the UK between January and June.

From an overall perspective, it is evident that demands to communicate face-to-face and by telephone showed an upward trend, whereas a sharp decrease could be observed in the quantity of interactions via message or email over the period shown.

In January, calls accounted for the highest number of demands for travelers' information, with about 900 inquiries. The figure for writing a letter or sending an email was slightly slower, at roughly 770. In contrast, the graph also indicates clearly that in-person requests were by far the least frequent, with around 440 inquiries at the beginning of the duration.

However, from March to then, there was a dramatic increase in face-to-face interaction, reaching a record high of 1,900 in June, and it became the most frequent. The figure for telephoning contacts in March and April is equal, at exactly 1,000 inquiries. It then continued to rise, culminating at 1600 in the final month. The plunge via message or email was constantly occurring over the next few months, and there were only 300 inquiries at the end of the period.

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